I spy with my little eye …

Credit: Brad Gregg

A report by that most trusted of news sources, “elite sugar daddy dating site” SeekingArrangement.com, suggests that a whopping 46.3 percent of Oklahoma City residents spy on their significant other.

an average 55 percent admit to doing so; topping the list are the
suspicious souls of Richmond, Va., at 68.1 percent.

Most interesting is the anonymous survey’s breakdown of snooping methods utilized:

email access, 58 percent;

—unauthorized access to text messages, 47

—researching social media accounts, 39 percent;

—listening in
on phone calls or use of phone taps, 18 percent;

—looking through
telephone records, 18 percent;

—looking through credit card statements,
16 percent;

—following and shadowing, 10 percent;

—using mobile GPS
tracking, 7 percent;

—hiring a private investigator, 4 percent; and

—other, 9 percent.

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