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Air conditioners work overtime just to keep a manageable temperature indoors, so the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven to bake a meal.

Yet through the heat, one still has to eat. See what these local chefs cook up during the summer months without turning the kitchen into a sweat lodge!

Henry Boudreaux, Executive Chef
Oklahoma City Museum of Art Museum Cafe
415 Couch

“When it’s super-hot outside, I typically make a ceviche with local bass my grandpa catches. I’ve also been making this shrimp, avocado and fresh corn salad — although you have to cook the shrimp — and it goes great with watermelon-serrano gazpacho.”

Matthew Johnson, Executive Chef
The Lobby Bar & Cafe
4322 N. Western

“I always like sandwiches. Cold sandwiches if you have cold cuts around. [Try pre-cooked chicken], some mustard, some mayonnaise and some relish, and just [blend it] and make a chicken salad sandwich in under a minute. Everything is cold and not a hassle.”

Kamala Gamble, Chef and Owner
Kam’s Kookery and Guilford Gardens
2834 Guilford Lane

“Panzanella salad with tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Of course, we grill everything — squash, okra and eggplant. We also make cold soups like cucumber avocado and melon with a little serrano pepper for some spice.”

Vuong Nguyen, Executive Chef
Guernsey Park
2418 N. Guernsey Ave.

“When it’s too hot to cook, I like to go light and lean towards sashimi. What’s better than fresh slices of tuna, Yellowtail and escolar with a refreshing salad? It’s really simple. Make a citrus ponzu sauce and allow the flavors to mingle.”

Want to try one of these at home? Chef Nguyen gives you the deets!

Ponzu sauce

—3 ½ limes zested and juiced

—2 lemons zested and juiced

—1 orange zested and juiced

—Yield should be around 3/4 cup.

—½ cup soy sauce

—½ cup mirin

This sauce is versatile and can be made into a vinaigrette (add 1 shallot, 2 gar- lic cloves, 1 tablespoon Dijon, emulsify with 1½ cup oil, salt and pepper to taste) or ceviche marinade (add chopped garlic, minced mint, chives, cilantro, brunoise shallots, bell peppers and jalapeños).

Place sashimi (sliced or cubed; I like both) in ponzu sauce for 5 minutes and dress salad (spring mix, arugula, cucumber, red bell peppers, red onions, mint, cilantro and peanuts) in ponzu vinaigrette and voila: refreshing sashimi salad!

Jenn Scott

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