Taking tests to task

like workplace drug testing, if it really affects work performance, do
you really need a drug test? Won’t you see its effect? Those who do
cocaine, meth, etc. and time it right, you’ll never catch those people —
do it Friday and Saturday, and it’s out of your system by Monday.

a $20 drug test is laughable; it can’t be a very good test. Plus, there
are all kinds of ways to beat a piss test. Florida and Kentucky went in
the hole $5.4 million combined — a brilliant use of taxpayer money. In
fact, a Florida federal judge ordered Florida to cease, as results
didn’t justify the cost.

Twenty-nine out of 1,300
welfare applicants testing positive for drugs is laughable (News, Peter
Wright, “Getting testy,” July 3, Oklahoma Gazette). State Sen. David Holt says that makes Temporary Assistance for Needy Families more successful.

course, he has to say results are in line with what he expected.
Bullshit. He had no idea what the results would be. And they are puny at
that, yet he can’t admit that, as it would make his testing bill look a
terrible waste of taxpayer money. It could be better used funding
education. Why don’t we also test all our legislators who are paid by
our tax money?

—Phil Grove, Tulsa

Phil Grove

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