‘Damm,’ that booty

However, actual blood and skin isn’t our thing, and we certainly wouldn’t slay a human being over it. According to newsok.com, Edmond resident James Tyree was the victim of a crime that began on Facebook earlier this summer.

Tyree commented, “damm,” on a pic of a girl in a bathing suit.

Talk about not-so-famous last words.

Tyree was found gunned down five days after his incorrectly spelled swear word-compliment-degrading
objectification-finger spasm on his keyboard. Allegations fell on Antwion
Courtez Martin, boyfriend of the bathing beauty. He was arrested and
subsequently charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent
to kill.

While poor
spelling probably had little to do with actual motivation (f’reals), the
idea that social media might be deadly is just too difficult to accept.

Gazette staff

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