Killing the messenger

 At the recent Cowboys’ home opener against Lamar University, an effigy of SI writer Thayer Evans — the primary reporter behind the five-part series — was hoisted outside the stadium.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Oh, that’s cute. What, did they put him in a dress or something? Maybe some sort of compromising position?” No. They stabbed it with knives — in the torso, in the leg, in the eye. It doesn’t matter where they were stabbing it, really. The fact is that they were gleefully puncturing a human effigy with knives.

The worst part? Maybe? Signs next to the doll advertised it like a carnival attraction: “Take a ‘stab’ at Sports Illustrated,” it read. “$1 per stab. Proceeds donated to OSU School of Journalism.”

Really? The OSU School of Journalism? How thoughtful. Do they teach you how to not pretend-murder somebody in the OSU School of Journalism?

be fair, most OSU fans would condemn such actions, and what happened
definitely isn’t representative of the fan base as a whole. But still —
it’s only football.

Take a stab at decency.

Gazette staff

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