How to Seduce a Virgin

As played by Franco regular Alice Arno, Martine is one kinky countess. Moving back into her castle mansion after a stint in a mental institution, she gets off on luring young women there under the pretense of modeling, only to take them into her basement for “games.” 


Leering and only semi-lucid, How to Seduce a Virgin is nearly void of narrative; most of Franco’s work with sex on the brain are. But this one is even less satisfying than the director’s Countess Perverse, also from ’74, which also was released by Mondo Macabro. The two movies share not just cast members, but a sapphic sensibility.  

If it boasts more of the torture (wait, that sounds awful of me) and less of the explicit bedroom antics, the movie might be something to see. Instead, it’s merely dull — not something one can say often of Mondo Macabro’s fare, which makes this disc all the more frustrating. —Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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