Pervy lawyer, bondsman busted

to, Oklahoma City attorney Michael Dean Billings —
accompanied by Ada bail bondsman Robert Pierce on his most recent trip —
engaged in illicit behavior in Iquitos, a city located smack in the
middle of the Peruvian rain forest. We don’t mean they drunkenly puked
in a cabana or woke up with a Peruvian flag tattoo.

April, a source tipped off the FBI that Billings’ flings included sex
with minors. Officers detained both men after Pierce allegedly took two
underage girls into a hotel room in Iquitos, NewsOK reported.
Investigators reported finding condoms, candy and small female
undergarments in the room.

troublemakers should engage in some good, old-fashioned orneriness —
hey, we do. But let the record stand that we are staunchly anti-anything
that involves sex and/or drugs with under-agers. That’s just gross.

Gazette staff

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