Resembling Wolfman Jack as a hobo, Chris refuses. With the help of a taser and handcuffs that attach to a pipe running along the exposed wall, Michael puts Chris on an involuntary, seven-day detox. 

As his friend experiences withdrawal, Michael comes across some tweakers and members of a religious fringe group, but these weird people are nothing compared to the strange photos he finds. Other cryptic, ominous media follow: vinyl recordings, a journal written in French, 8-mm films, slides, a transparency — all seemingly culled from the David Lynch archives. Most disturbing is a grainy VHS tape of Michael and Chris that could not possibly have been recorded. 

It’s a sly joke that the directorial team of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have titled their indie horror-thriller Resolution, for it could refer as much to Chris’ desire to ascribe meaning to the mystery as it does to the lo-fi condition of the pieces. 

Viewers will desire closure, too, faster than Benson and Moorhead intend on delivering it. We call it suspense, and for all but a lengthy conversation two-thirds in, the filmmakers are able to sustain it. Resolution soon rights itself again; its final 20 minutes are seriously unnerving.  


As unexpected as the steps the story takes is how funny some of Chris’ dialogue is, i.e. “You punch like a wind sock” and “She looked like John Madden.” Resolution is not a comedy, but given the endlessly creative extras Benson and Moorhead have included on Cinedigm’s Blu-ray, I’m thinking that’s what they should tackle next. 


Whatever they choose to do, keep an eye out; it’s bound to be special.  —Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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