The n-word and politics

Trustee Gregg Atkinson reportedly said, “What is this town coming to today? We got a n—— mayor, n—— chief of police,” reported Fox 25.

Doesn’t Atkinson know that cafes are where the daily news starts and stops, where rumors and drama flourish? In this case, it’s also where hate flourished. Residents of Luther, northeast of Oklahoma City, demanded Atkinson resign during a town board meeting earlier this month. The offending trustee initially turned his back on the residents and then resigned two days later.

In an interview with News 9, Atkinson said, “Due to circumstances beyond my control, I find myself in a position where I can no longer perform the duties I was elected to do and I will be resigning.”

Atkinson also said he intends to attend future town board meetings as a citizen to move the city forward.

Using racial slurs isn’t moving anything anywhere but backward.

Gazette staff

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