Welcome home, Mr. Inhofe

But did you know that if we had “socialized medicine like Obama is trying to impose on America,” he might not have been afforded his recent emergency quadruple bypass heart surgery?

That’s how he put it, anyway.

“A person can find out, here in the United States, that he has this emergency situation where he has got to have immediate heart surgery. And if you are in a country other than the United States, a lot of them, you can’t get it done. In my case, with my age, that would have been about a sixmonth wait. Because I hadn’t had a heart attack,” he told New York radio station WABC.

“You know, you are talking to someone right now who probably wouldn’t be here if we had socialized medicine in America.”

Regardless of whether this
is true or not (it’s not), let’s just thank our lucky stars that
79-year-old Inhofe doesn’t currently get his healthcare through the U.S.
Government (because, you know, socialism!).

Oh, wait. Yes, he does.

be told, we’re glad the senator is in good health, even if he is wrong
on so many things (pretty much everything). After all, we’d have a lot
of space to fill without him.

Gazette staff

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