Kings of Leon advise One Direction

So when the Oklahoma/Tennessee four-piece offered some
party advice to mega pop stars One Direction (who, let’s face it,
probably needed it), it came as little surprise.

In an interview with The Sun, drummer/party expert Nathan Followill — who parties pretty much 24/7 — offered up this little nugget:

you’re going to have a party in a hotel room, have a box at the door
and take the girls’ phones,” he said. “That’s what gets kids into
trouble these days. Every phone is a camera.”

of partying, Kings of Leon are also experts on staying true to their
roots — just look at their last three albums. Talk about authentic!

So how can 1D retain all that credibility they’ve accrued?

try to turn into a rock band or anything,” he said. “You are already
there and have your music and your fans, so don’t try change what you

Dang, sound guidance. Maybe the Followill bros ought to start an advice column? Email us, dudes.

Gazette staff

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