The Snake God

Directed by Django co-scripter Piero Vivarelli, the mostly plotless Italian film follows the beautiful Paola (Nadia Cassini, Starcrash) to the luscious Caribbean, where she makes a fast friend with Stella (Beryl Cunningham, The Weekend Murders), a local babe with membership in a voodoo cult. 

That’s where the title comes into play, as seemingly endless drum sequences soundtrack ritualistic dances of erotic lust and worship and whatnot. Couplings commence, including interracial ones — daring for their time. However sexy Vivarelli tries to make his film, when viewers care more about the sun-soaked scenery and the swinging score by Augusto Martelli, it’s likely that project is boring. And it is. 


With three clothes-optional snoozers in a row, Mondo Macabro no longer is adhering to its mission of bringing the weirdest and wildest movies the globe has to offer to DVD — just the nudest. Let’s get back to variety, guys.     —Rod Lott

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Rod Lott

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