The truth is … cold

Would-be robber Corneilyus Howeth felt the wrath of his victims when he unsuccessfully tried to rob them at an Oklahoma City hair salon, Head Honchos, on Christmas Eve and was left out in the cold … naked.

Howeth got into the car of
an unnamed woman waiting outside the salon and pulled a gun on her. The
woman managed to call her brother, who was inside the salon, for help.
However, when he came running out to help her, Howeth turned the gun on
him and forced them both into the building.

Howeth, who was apparently
looking for someone who wasn’t at the salon, took all of the victims’
cash but ran out of luck when a fourth person walked in the salon and
distracted him. The victims took that split-second opportunity
and wrestled his gun away from him, stripped him naked — allegedly to
make sure he had no other weapons with him — and threw him outside to
become someone else’s problem.

to, the victims called 911 after locking Howeth
outside. Howeth was taken to the hospital, as he had sustained minor
injuries, and then was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail and charged
with robbery with a firearm.

We assume they gave him back his clothes before taking him to jail, but who’s to say what really happened?

Gazette staff

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