Runaway grandma

They’re getting into all kinds of trouble these days.

A 79-year-old woman was recently arrested and charged with kidnapping, burglary and robbery. Bobbie House drove the getaway car after she and 43-year-old Curtis Wacasey Jr. broke into Specialty Building Material (SW Third Street near Exchange Avenue) and stole hundreds
of dollars worth of roofing shingles.

A security guard caught the two
thieves while they were loading the shingles into the truck. House drove
off as the security guard and Wacasey struggled in the bed of the truck
before the guard escaped at SW Third Street and S. Lee Avenue, a mile
away from Specialty Building Materials. reported that the guard
used a taser on Wacasey and fired his gun into the cab of the pickup
during the confrontation. They also said House is 5 feet tall and weighs
only 100 pounds.

The getaway granny’s bail was set at $50,000, and she is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail.

And some people think senior centers are a waste of time and money. Somebody needs to keep these old ladies occupied.

Gazette staff

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