The effort he gives Beneath makes the Chiller Films presentation better than your average made-for-TV monster movie — or below-average, in the recent case of Hypothermia, a similar film in which Fessenden appeared. 

To the teens of Beneath stranded on a boat in the supposedly cursed Black Lake, a killer fish provides the fatal threat — not a piranha, but a big, toothy thing whose fin pierces the water like a certain cinematic shark. The creature design is fantastic, looking truly terrifying, thereby helping to cancel out a host of problems, from plot holes to weak  performances. Part of the latter may not be all the fault of the actors; no character is particularly likable. 


Not to overpraise Beneath, but on the admittedly low bar set on the Chiller (or Syfy, for that matter) scale, it’s a watch-all-the-way-through hit.    —Rod Lott

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Rod Lott

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