Jon Stewart takes on Hobby Lobby

His latest victim is one near and dear to many Oklahomans’ hearts (and vaginas): Hobby Lobby.

In the midst of the Supreme Court brouhaha on the Oklahoma Citybased store’s beef with Obamacare — specifically, the law’s insistence that corporations provide its employees with specific types of birth control — Stewart ripped Hobby Lobby’s faith-based objection to the law.

“As you know, America recently implemented a brand-new health care law designed by our president to kill old people and allow Russia to invade Crimea,” Stewart joked. “But some Americans are willing to fight this law all the way to the Supreme Court. And while they don’t cite communism and eldercide as the reason for their objection, I think we can read between the lines.”

also challenged the notion of a for-profit corporation having the same
religious freedom as a church or individual, as well as the popular
slippery-slope argument that if businesses can be forced to pay for
contraception, in principle, they could be forced to pay for an

right, in principle,” Stewart said. “In fact, it would be the opposite
of yes for that, which I believe is no, because contraception is not the
same thing as abortion. That’s a scientific fact.”

Gazette staff

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