Kind of awesome

Who do you pick?

Kevin Durant. Duh. The Oklahoma City Thunder star has a reputation for being Mr. Nice Guy off the court, so the partnership makes a lot of sense.

is more than an endorsement deal, though; it’s an initiative. The
program, dubbed Strong and Kind, aims to promote — you guessed it —
strength through kindness.

just want to let people know that being kind is not a sign of
weakness,” Durant said. “That’s how I approach the game. If you see me
play, I’m barking at guys, I’m talking trash, I’m being physical. But at
the same time, if you fall on the ground, I’ll help you up, and after
the game, we’ll talk as friends. So it’s not a weakness to be a kind

Everybody always says nice guys finish last, but I’m trying to change that.”

If anyone can, it’s Durant.

Go get ’em, KD.

Gazette staff

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