Yes. But then again, no.


An opinion piece in The Tulsa World called Fallin out for supporting both of those
programs and then changing her mind. The piece pointed out that Fallin
inherited both programs from former Gov. Brad Henry. It said Henry
approved the health exchange grant, and after taking office, Fallin

Then, in 2010,
the Legislature approved Common Core while Fallin was still a member of
the U.S. House of Representatives, and she spoke in favor of it. Then,
as governor, she was … against it.

only does she now say the state would not take a health exchange grant,
she went on to say the state would not build an exchange, no way, no

It seems that since, totally, obviously (duh), both programs originated in Washington, she wanted no part of either one.

is playing up to an extremely conservative base here and would likely
pretend she couldn’t even point out Washington, D.C. on a map.

as a test, President Barack Obama should appoint her as lifetime
governor of Oklahoma. Odds are she would resign before the ink dried on
his signature.

Gazette staff

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