Capitol crumble

Those creatures and some of their brethren are on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s list of endangered species in Oklahoma, but the Capitol building made the 2014 list for Most Endangered Historic Places compiled each year by Preservation Oklahoma Inc.

The group can’t do much for the bat or the beetle, but it does work to save historic properties around the state that face extinction due to imminent demolition or deterioration.

The Capitol building, constructed in 1917, has been in need of some TLC for some time. Heck, you can’t even walk through the front doors because of yellow plastic barriers that block the entrance — it’s not safe to enter there for fear of falling stone and debris.

the Legislature spent last session and this current session twiddling
its thumbs about how to pay for repairs, the building has continued to

Oklahoma does not put plans in place to restore of save properties but
instead works to raise awareness. Perhaps they can raise enough
awareness that constituents will take notice and place their
legislators’ jobs on the endangered list if they fail to find a way to
pay for repairs to the historic Capitol building.

Gazette staff

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