Best of OKC 1991


Best Dressed Man – Vince Orza

Best Dressed Woman – Jane Jayroe

Best Local Maverick – Barry Switzer

Best City Official – Ron Norick

Best State Official – David Watlers

Best Radio Talk Show Host – Al Eschbach

Best Radio Personality – Mark Shannon

Best TV Newscaster – Linda Cavanaugh

Best TV Meteorologist – Gary England

Best TV Sportscaster – Bob Barry, Sr.

Best Commercial Spokesperson – Tom Park

Best Local Sports Figure – Bob Barry

Best Jerk – David Walters

Best Socialite – Sylvia Dulaney

Best Expatriated Okie – Garth Brooks



Best Hotel – The Waterford Hotel

Best Movie Theater – Penn Square General Cinema

Best Shopping Mall – Penn Square

Best Place to Throw a Party – Will Rogers Center

Best Place for Outdoor Fun – WhiteWater

Best Local Attraction – Remington Park

Best Historic Site – Cowboy Hall of Fame

Best Place for a First Date – Eagle’s Nest

Best Golf Course – Oak Tree Golf and Country

Best Liquor Store – Byron’s Liquor Warehouse

Best Men’s Clothing – Harold’s

Best Women’s Clothing – Balliet’s

Best Computer Store – Wizard’s

Best Place to Lose Weight – Weight Watchers

Best Domestic Car Dealer – Jackie Cooper

Best Foreign Car Dealer – Jackie Cooper

Best Jewelry – B.C. Clark

Best Card and Gift Store – Hallmark

Best Outrageous Clothing – Gil’s

Best Shoe Store – The Webb

Best Bakery – La Baguette

Best Florist – Trochta’s Flowers &

Best Place for a Fashion Splurge – 50 Penn Place

Best Business Attire – Harold’s

Best Video Rental – Blockbuster Video

Best Pet Services – Dog and Cat Toggery Pet

Best Art Gallery – ArtsPlace

Best Sporting Goods – Sports Unlimited

Best Book Store – B. Dalton Bookseller



Best American Food – Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler

Best Italian Food – Olive Garden

Best Mexican Food – Cocina de Mino

Best Oriental Food – Hunan

Best Seafood – Pearl’s Oyster Bar

Best Barbecue – Leo’s Barbecue and Catering

Best Appetizers – Garfield’s

Best Steakhouse – Steak and Ale

Best Deli – City Bites

Best Lite Menu – Interurban

Best Sunday Brunch – Waterford Dining Room

Best New Restaurant – Bellini’s

Best Restaurant That Never Changes – Sleepy

Best Restaurant – The Greystone



Best Museum – Cowboy Hall of Fame

Best Place to Watch TV Sports – The Varsity

Best Place to Dance – Graham’s

Best Local Festival – Festival of the Arts

Best Live Theater – Lyric Theater

Best Professional Sports Team – Oklahoma City

Best Local Disappointment – David Walters

Best Geographical Feature – Lake Hefner

Best Beautification Project – Wildflowers

Best Television Station – KFOR Channel 4

Best Recent Addition to Oklahoma City –
Remington Park

Best News We’ve Had in a Long Time – End of the
Gulf War

Best Political Issue – House Bill 1017

Best Annual Party – Opening Night

Best Thing Gov. Walters Has Done – Nothing

Gazette staff

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