Chicken-Fried News: Pants-off dance off

(Madeline Hancock)

(Madeline Hancock)

The first day of school is rough on everybody, no one more than teachers.

In a report from, Lorie Ann Hill, 49, a teacher in Wagoner, was caught blowing off some steam in her classroom in a big way.

Officials claimed she seemed out of sorts when she showed up for the first day of work. They found Hill in an empty classroom, allegedly having a private pants-off dance off and reeking of booze.

Hill was charged with public intoxication.

“She was found in a room kind of disoriented,” Police Chief Bob Haley told The Tulsa World. “By the time we got there, she was in a room and wearing shorts.”

She will most likely not be in charge of shaping the young minds of the future.

Gazette Staff

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