Chicken-Fried News: Party like it’s 1989

(Madeline Hancock)

(Madeline Hancock)

In 1989, the students and administration at Putnam City High School had a, like, totally radical idea. They wanted to capture the essence of the 1980s on the cusp of a new decade.

In 1989, students and teachers made predictions about what life would be like in 2014, and if this is making you feel old, you’re definitely not the only one. According to, Putnam City Schools recently opened a 25-year old time capsule, in which was sealed pop culture ephemera and predictions about the future — some of which were quite accurate.

“Computers and electronics and machines will take over our life,” said Robby, a student at Central Intermediate School.

One unsigned prediction said, “Candy bars will cost $2 and instead of cruising to Hawaii, we will have trips to the moon.”

Two whole dollars! Whoa.

Back to the Future II and Ghostbusters II claimed box office glory that year, and Michael Jackson had just debuted his No. 1 hit “Bad.”

It’s true, 25 years doesn’t seem that long ago, but put things in the context of Marty McFly still being in high school and it gives one pause to think about how time flies.

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