Cover Story: The Nov. 8 election isn’t scary. We help you know what’s on the (very full) ballot

(Cover design: Anna Schilling / Oklahoma Gazette)

(Cover design: Anna Schilling / Oklahoma Gazette)

It’s everyone’s democratic and civic duty to vote on Nov. 8, and this year’s ballot is an important one. This issue includes stories on Oklahoma’s multiple state questions, the Libertarian party, races to watch, our roundup of uncommon candidates and more. It also features the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma’s 2016 Voters Guide. The election doesn’t have to be scary. Oklahoma Gazette helps you navigate the many elections and issues.

Find more coverage in this week’s print issue, on stands now, and in Oklahoma Gazette’s Nov. 2 print edition.

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2016 Oklahoma Voter Guide

A message from Oklahoma Voter Guide contributors: Oklahoma Voter Guide is a nonpartisan effort by a coalition of Oklahoma entities from both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. After many months of planning, we are proud to offer readers a high-quality resource with analysis and education for the 2016 general election. This voter guide does not endorse or oppose any candidates for state or federal office, nor does it take any position on the state questions. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share this guide, which is available for download on all partner websites [partners listed below] and at

Online: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: okvoterguide and hashtag: #okvotes16

A message from Oklahoma Gazette editor-in-chief Jennifer Chancellor: Oklahoma Gazette’s excerpts of the 2016 Oklahoma Voter Guide were made possible by a partnership between League of Women Voters’ of Oklahoma, KOSU, OETA, Tyler Media, KGOU, Oklahoma Watch, The Oklahoman Media Company and Kirkpatrick Foundation. The Gazette humbly thanks all involved with the project for encouraging our news publication to share this important information with the community. It’s everyone’s democratic and civic duty to vote on Nov. 8, and this year’s ballot is an important one.

Learn more: Pick up this week’s print issue on stands now and download the full 2016 Oklahoma Voter Guide.

Additional resources

• Oklahoma State Election Board
• Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR-OK 2016 Voter Guide
• Oklahoma Policy Institute (nonpartisan, independent economy and government think tank based in Tulsa) 2016 Oklahoma state question guide
• American Civil Liberties Union Oklahoma state question voter guide, nonpartisan information of federal and local elections, supported by the League of Women Voters
Ballotpedia, the nonpartisan encyclopedia of American politics
• State Question ballot language via State Election Board
• View election and state questions as they’ll appear on Oklahoma County ballots
• The Gayly’s 2016 election coverage
I Side With, an unaffiliated political website that features a simple survey on eight issues, from domestic policy to education, and matches voters to candidates with similar platforms and beliefs

Gazette Staff

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