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Maybe the question “What’s good here?” should be replaced by a more important phrase: “What’s good for you here?” If we are what we eat, most of us are walking, talking piles of Tex-Mex enchiladas, barbecued balogna and double onion burgers. Eating right and eating well aren’t mutually exclusive concepts, friends, and here’s the proof.

By Greg Elwell

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Vintage Coffee (Garett Fisbeck / file)

Vintage Coffee (Garett Fisbeck / file)

Vintage Coffee

1101 NW 49th St.


Bronchodilator sounds like your favorite local band, but it’s actually a substance that relaxes bronchial smooth muscle, widening air passages and making it easier to breathe. One of the most satisfying bronchodilators can be had by the shot, mug or to-go cup at Vintage Coffee. Yes, caffeine can help you draw in oxygen, which is a proven facilitator of keeping people alive. (Yay, science!)

Chae Modern Korean (Garett Fisbeck / file)

Chae Modern Korean (Garett Fisbeck / file)

Chae Modern Korean

1933 NW 23rd St.


Enjoy the flavor and health benefits of Chae’s exquisite daily pickled vegetable collection. Sure, they’re good for your intestines and might help reduce your chances of developing cancer, but they’re also just really, really tasty. Order them on their own or mix your pickled veggies in with the restaurant’s beloved cast iron bibimbap.

Woodbridge Restaurant (Gazette / file)

Woodbridge Restaurant (Gazette / file)

Woodbridge Restaurant

3701 S. Western Ave.


Research shows blueberries reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. They’re also really delicious in pancakes, which is one of many reasons to visit Woodbridge Restaurant. There’s no word from researchers about the effects of crispy bacon and over-easy eggs on the brain, but they’re definitely good for powering up your busy day with protein; vitamins like A, B2 and D; and minerals like copper, iron and zinc.

Fung's Kitchen (Gazette / file)

Fung’s Kitchen (Gazette / file)

Fung’s Kitchen

3321 N. Classen Blvd.


Wolverine would’ve been the easiest mutant to defeat if he had osteoporosis. And while everyone’s favorite fictional Canadian superhero drank plenty of milk, he also got 70 mg of calcium a day from broccoli. You’ll find some in an order of Fung’s Kitchen’s beef and broccoli. Adults need about 700 mg of calcium daily, whether or not they’re fighting Sabretooth, so get to eating. A word to the wise, though: Sheath those claws and use the chopsticks.

The Oil Tree at Olive & Co. (Gazette / file)

The Oil Tree at Olive & Co. (Gazette / file)

The Oil Tree by Olive & Co.

7602 N. May Ave.


Olive oil leads to smooth skin. Researchers say women who ingested more than two teaspoons a day of olive oil showed fewer signs of aging. It can also make you happier if you’re eating the good stuff, which you can find at The Oil Tree by Olive & Co. Whether sprinkled on vegetables, tossed with pasta or brushed on bread, olive oil is a treat for the skin and the taste buds.

Michaelangelo's Coffee and Wine Bar (Gazette / file)

Michaelangelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar (Gazette / file)

Michelangelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar

207 E. Main St., Norman


Give your heart a healthy dose of red wine to improve your levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. A 4 oz. pour or two a day will do, so don’t drain the bottle. Visit Michelangelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar in Norman for a glass of vino and maybe share an ensalata di caprese salad with someone special. See? Wine can be good for the heart in more ways than one.

Paseo Grill (Gazette / file)

Paseo Grill (Gazette / file)

Paseo Grill

2909 Paseo Street


Trying to pinpoint just one part of the body that salmon can benefit is difficult. The omega-3 fatty acid-laden fish has been linked to healthy kidneys, better brain function and decreased blood pressure. If you order it at Paseo Grill, it also will help your smile as you grin while eating delicious grilled salmon topped with beurre blanc and served over toasted pine nut orzo.


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Greg is the Gazette's full-time food writer and reviewer. He goes to restaurants a lot. He orders three entrees and gets funny looks and then takes out his camera and people are like, "Ugh. This guy." Greg is writing this right now and it feels weird to keep referring to myself in the third person. On Twitter and Instagram: @Elwelleats

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