Chicken-Fried News: Facing reality

State residents with social media accounts have by now surely seen or heard of the new Bravo show Sweet Home Oklahoma, which premieres March 20 on the same cable network that brought Top Chef and The Real Housewives franchises to national viewers.

Well, few if any of us here at Chicken-Fried News expect the next Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola flick.

We did our research and carefully parsed the new series’ 74-second trailer and discovered a montage of pulled quips and gags forecasting a show heavy on comedic pettiness, Southern sass, low-hanging punchlines and blonde jokes from a typecast clique of Gaillardia housewives.

They (rightly) describe Oklahoma as the reddest Republican stronghold in the great expanse of flyover country.

If the women of Sweet Home hoped to present themselves as a positive counter to the stereotype, this trailer doesn’t convey that.

There is nothing inherently wrong with loosely scripted reality programming.

There’s also nothing wrong with having a little fun with Oklahoma’s occasionally laggard reputation — have you ever read Chicken-Fried News?

Gazette Staff

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