Chicken-Fried News: Driving irony

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Like something out of a modern-day O. Henry story, two Oklahoma City University film students were nearly struck by an alleged drunken driver in Valley Brook while shooting a DUI awareness video for the Valley Brook Police Department.

Michael Stamp was carrying a light across the street Jan. 29 when a vehicle seemed to accelerate toward him, reported.

“I hopped out of the way real fast,” Stamp told the news station. “After that, I was kind of in shock.”

Stamp’s father, Valley Brook Police Chief Michael Stamp, called the near miss “very ironic.”

There’s a lot of that going around — irony, that is.

Stamp quickly pulled over driver Richey Dell Reese, who police allege tried to make a break for it before being captured by another Valley Brook officer.

According to police, Reese’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was a stout .17, more than double the legal limit.

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