Chicken-Fried News: #BuzzKill



When health officials confirmed West Nile Virus in Oklahoma County, the Chicken-Fried News team threw up their hands in frustration (except for the lone reporter left typing this).

Then we dumped out our company’s plastic kiddie pool. Then we bought a delicious craft beer, sprayed DEET on our uniforms and poured out the golden-hued IPA as we lamented another summer ruined by the threat of buzzkill skeeters carrying the dreaded West Nile Virus.

Just when we mastered LED fidget spinners and were ready to hit the summer festival circuit, too! Even our skin-baring man rompers were packed. Sigh.

Seriously, though, everyone should take some precautions to protect themselves from hovering bloodsuckers (no, not legislators; mosquitos). Phil Maytubby with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department recently shared his 3-D (and a P) safety tips with Drain standing water, use DEET on clothes, dress in long sleeves and pants and protect yourself from exposure and check window screens.

In typical Chicken-Fried News fashion, we’ll add another one: Share all your Facebook live videos from the relatively mosquito-free safety of your bar stool.

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