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For Peculiar People Day, Bad Granny herself, Diana Harris, owner of Bad Granny's Bazaar, in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City, 12-16-15.  (Mark Hancock)

OKG Shop: Happy otherdays!

OKG Shop: Happy otherdays!

It’s January, a winter month in which we delude ourselves into thinking there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go and no Christmas gifts left to return. But January is also filled with fancy celebrations like Dress Up Your Pet Day, Male Watcher’s Day and Peculiar People Day. Here are a few ways to break yourself

Red dress, at Milo & Lily Boutique, on North May Avenue in OKC, 11-11-15.  (Mark Hancock)

OKG Shop: Local presents

Whether shopping for family, friends or yourself this holiday season, local retailers are the place to find charming and distinctive gifts and home-warming accents, from on-trend clothing and accessories to furniture, festive home decor, art and party accoutrements.


Commentary: The truth about Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of sex education and women’s health care. It helps an estimated 10 million women across the globe each year. In 2011, 97 percent of its worldwide services involved things like Pap smears, education, pregnancy tests, STI and STD testing (including HIV and AIDS). Thirty-five percent of its services are contraceptive in nature

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