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Cover Story Teaser: Yes, women are funny, too

  Women comedians in OKC are joining those in other cities to support each other in the male-dominated comedy scene by making their voices heard at a monthly open mic night at Urban Roots in Deep Deuce. Story by Ben Felder. P.36 For this year’s Spring City Guide, we’ve scoured OKC to find fun and

Tanner Frady artwork_1143mh

Cartoon is art for local artist

When local artist Tanner Frady sees a duck get hit in the face with a frying pan or a rabbit drop an anvil on a lisping hunter, he sees art. And thanks to his unique take on the animated style of cartoons and cartoon characters, so are many more art-lovers in the metro. Even though


Brightmusic Chamber Ensemble season in full swing

Set to American composer Paul Shoenfield’s piece for violin, cello, clarinet and piano, the powerful narrative accompaniment of “Sparks of Glory” pulls audiences into the midst of Holocaust Europe. It’s this piece that anchors Brightmusic Chamber Ensemble’s fourth concert of its 2014-2015 season. The concert, Music of War and Remembrance, closes with Shoenfield’s piece, which

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