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Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales Made not for the cathode rays but for the World Wide Web — FEARnet, to be exact — Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales gives the director of such ’80s horror classics as Child’s Play and Fright Night his own anthology series and, thus, a chance to play Cryptkeeper … or Rod Serling,

Bad behavior

Arguably the new wave of sympathetic psychopaths was ushered along with help from Dexter Morgan, Showtime’s serial killer of serial killers. For Dexter: The Final Season — the series’ eighth — Dex (Michael C. Hall) matches wits and bits with The Brain Surgeon, yet proves to be one of the show’s “off” years. There’s a reason the

The Spirit

Former Flash Gordon Sam Jones plays another Sunday-funnies superstar as The Spirit, the crime fighter formerly known as square-jawed, straight-and-narrow cop Denny Colt. When he’s shot by a baddie and presumed dead, Denny takes advantage of the situation by donning the teeny-tiniest of blue masks to disguise his identity as The Spirit, who sets about

The Secret of Crickley Hall

Based on a 2006 novel by recently deceased UK horror icon James Herbert, Crickley Hall concerns a family in mourning. Nearing the first anniversary of their unthinkable tragedy, the foursome moves temporarily to the title abode to escape reminders of death. You know what they say about best intentions, right? Because, as the youngest of

Femme Fatales: The Complete Second Season

This second batch of episodes, 12 in all on two DVDs, seems more confident than Femme‘s freshman outing, even if story quality remains wildly varied. Tanit Phoenix (Safe House) hosts the proceedings, with scenarios that include: • a comic-book heroine, • time-traveling clones, • noir-drenched detectives • and so much moaning. For every leaden dud

It’s another summer TV-on-DVD roundup!

Above Suspicion: Set 2 Based on the fourth novel in Lynda La Plante’s series, the penultimate story arc in this terrific UK series follows Detective Inspector Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly, aka Mrs. Watson of the Sherlock Holmes franchise) as she investigates the fatal shooting of a former police officer. However, because she’s working with a

Dexter: The Seventh Season

When we last left our favorite police forensics analyst, Dexter (Michael C. Hall), his lieutenant sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), had caught him in the act of doing what he does best: executing serial killers. Spread across four DVDs, these 12 episodes deal mainly with the fallout of having her world come crashing down, with Deb

Childrens Hospital: The Complete Fourth Season

The good news is that it’s as hilarious as it’s ever been. The bad news is that its title still lacks the necessary apostrophe. (Perhaps that’s only bad news if you’re a writer/editor.) How does it stay fresh and funny? By not adhering to any pesky distractions like “story arcs” and “character development.” Each episode

The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One! 2012

A surf-rock band I recall running across in the mid-1990s, The Aquabats have been reborn as superheroes in these utterly insane adventures, drawing more influence from ’70s-era Asian monster matinees à la Infra-Man than anything else. In each half-hour, our costumed quintet fights some rubber-suited creature (Manant and the Floating Eye of Death among them),

The Bletchley Circle

When the meekest of them (Anna Maxwell Martin) notices a pattern in a string of Jack the Ripper-esque slayings plaguing back together, so to speak. London, she gets the band back together, so to speak. If they couldn’t tell anyone about their wartime efforts, they certainly can’t tell anyone now; after all, what could housewives

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