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Glorious garlic

Roasted with a bit of good olive oil, creating luscious, oozy cloves to squeeze onto a thin water cracker for a highflavor, easy-prep, low-calorie snack. Grated raw into a vinaigrette. Poached in boiling water and mashed into potatoes for a mild, surprising and soft crunch. Flavoring homemade hummus, either raw or roasted. Punching up pasta

Fork in the road

“We wanted more diversity on the list,” Strother (pictured) said. “Our philosophy at Deep Fork remains the same: Two pages is better than six. I just wanted a better selection of regions and styles within those parameters.” For example, Strother said he added David Arthur Sauvignon Blanc and Domaine du Salvard Unique Sauvignon Blanc to

Drink thyme

She squeezed the syrup into a tumbler of ice, mixed in a fresh dash of mandarin vodka and a generous pour of something citrus, and the cilantro cocktail was born. A clear, fresh drink made grass-green by the bits of floating herbs, it tasted just like summer. To Khalilian, the cilantro makes the drink. But

Red Rhone rising

Grenache Noir (there is also a Blanc) accounts for more than 70 percent of plantings in the region, and the fame of the wines made it likely that other countries would try to duplicate their success. Tim Fish, an associate editor at Wine Spectator, recently wrote about the reasons Americans failed to produce good Grenache.

Whiskey business

Bartenders a bit more bold might instead reach for a whiskey to get a taste from which to build. Some local bartenders are on the forefront of exploring the boundaries of whiskey, including James Etzler (pictured right) of The Office Drinks and Nosh, 5929 N. May. He’s concocted several drinks using different types of whiskeys,

Freeze, please

And what do you want when it’s triple-digits? Why, “fro-yo,” of course. If you’re in Midwest City, a popular place for live culture, nonfat frozen yogurt is Pink Swirls in the Town Center Plaza strip mall on the north side of Interstate 40. Live culture yogurt is touted as fixing about everything that ails you,

Back to the land

“I think the rosé Champagnes are wonderful,” Putnam said, “but people see the color and it triggers something else in their heads. These are some of the best wines made anywhere in the world, but people see sweet or cheap instead of quality and delicious.” Putnam is talking about two Grower Champagnes in his portfolio:

Soda grows up

This is pop’s new time to fizz big. The bubbly age reached its zenith years ago. Slowly, pop flavor lost its zing. Natural flavorings were replaced by artificial additives, real sugar was exchanged for high-fructose corn syrup and traditional bottles gave way to aluminum cans. Luckily, the sparkle is back, and local vendors are selling

To market

Owner Susan Graff has run the family farm since 1997, and she’s been participating in the OSU-OKC Farmers’ Market for most of those years. “You get to meet the farmer, and you know where everything is grown,” she said of farmers’ markets. “In meeting the farmer, you can talk to them about how their product

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