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Beer bust

Call it a summit of sorts. There is no better reward than relaxing with good friends and some cold beers. They can be poured right into your best stein, glass or simply just grab a bottle. Not a lot of effort, and best of all, the damage to your bank account can be fairly painless.

Platt my plate, please

Platt College is partnering with Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition to host a free event designed to give families an opportunity to learn just how to cook a healthy meal based on the USDA “My Plate” guidelines. The cooking class, which is no charge, is planned for 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Platt College,

South-of-the-border Bordeaux

That’s a very short life span in wine years. The brand was built on inexpensive, mass-produced wines, as Chile and Argentina both tried to use exports to help their devastated economies. The first Chilean fine wine exported to the U.S. was Concha y Toro’s Don Melchor Cabernet in 1987. Concha y Toro is much better

Gourmet grinds

Beans & Leaves, 4015 N. Penn, is a new coffeehouse that offers many unique gourmet coffees as well as cookies, cakes and specialty teas. Unlike many gourmet coffee shops, which offer basic choices, manager Desiree Moore brought her own creations to the business. “I tried to bring in at least a few new drinks,” Moore

Celebrity seal

“People will come in and ask about Snoop Dogg’s alcohol,” said Zack Harrison, with Thunderbird Liquors, 1200 12th Ave. S.E. in Norman. “That’s why they do that; it’s all premium alcohol.” Snoop Dogg uses his name to help sell a unique malt liquor called St. Ides, which includes mint- and fruit-flavored beer. Adding his name

Under the sea

And those goodies? They’re good for you, too. There’s been a lot already said about the health benefits of adding fish to your diet, but consider this from the Mayo Clinic: Eating a couple of servings of fish a week could reduce by a third your risk of keeling over from a heart attack. Considering

Sweet victory

Well, he’s not the only guy around wearing eye makeup! One person really stood out among the more than 8,000 hospitality and food professionals attending the recent Oklahoma Restaurant Association Convention & Expo. And it wasn’t a gal with must-have makeup that makes you look younger in a zippy three minutes.  Under the cosmetics was

In the mood

A new brand of carbonated delights is going down a different path than the one lined with sugar and caffeine. This new generation of drinks counts herbs and minerals as ingredients for a calming effect and, in some cases, can help insomniacs get a little shut-eye. “People want something that calms and relaxes them, and

Jazz it up

Along with food from Boulevard Steakhouse, there will be a men’s fashion show by Parkway Mens Wear, an auction and live music by UCO’s jazz program. Other event sponsors include The Martini Lounge and Edmond Wine Shop. Admission is $20 per person. For more information or to RSVP, contact Margaret Holloway at or 715-2333.

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