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Okie evangelist

Andrew Snyder is an educator, winemaker, winery owner, lobbyist, evangelist and marketer. He spends a good deal of his time at the Darlington campus of Redlands Community College, where he oversees the school’s associate degree program in viticulture and enology. His office looks like ground zero of a wine paraphernalia bomb. Magazines, books, wine bottles,

Taking it to the streets

Warm weather makes grabbing a taco or hot dog and dining at an outdoor picnic table (or even standing up) a pleasant alternative to a crowded restaurant. Street food is affordable and sometimes even ethnically authentic. Quirky locations and irregular hours of operation can be part of the appeal, along with having that clued-in foodie

Organic Oklahoma

Fresh food, all-natural meats and produce grown by Oklahoma farmers are about to get a wider audience, thanks to three big venues coming to the metro. Edmond will be home to a “one-of-a-kind” market at the southwest corner of Kelly Avenue and Covell Road: Uptown Grocery, a 50,000-square-foot organic grocery store. Uptown Grocery is a

Château cash flow

The owners of the winery known for the Beat Texas line of wine came to peace with the Lone Star State enough to announce last fall they’d be uprooting from Okemah to resettle in Texas. There are still plenty of ambitious winemakers willing to weather Oklahoma’s brutal ice storms and tangled blue laws. And they


Schoener was in Oklahoma City and Tulsa last month introducing his Scholium Project wines to restaurateurs and retailers at wine dinners and classroom training sessions. The name comes from the critical margin notes scholars write in books: scholia. Those wines, both hailed and reviled with amazing vigor, are now available locally. It is worth quoting

Wine Forum wrap-up

Within the past decade, as the market has matured, Argentina has joined Chile as an exporter of excellent everyday drinkers and world-class, critically acclaimed wines. This year’s Wine Forum of Oklahoma brought together chefs, vintners, winery owners, students and the public to explore the relationship of food and wine in two surprisingly similar cultures: Oklahoma


“I originally started looking around for a space about four years ago,” Ireland said. “But throughout that entire time, the Plaza District wasn’t what it is now. That whole process kind of gave the Plaza District time to get ready for me, I think. It’s just wonderful along this little strip now.” The name Saints

Hot shots

Reminiscent of jazz, it’s full of improvisation, offering a variety of tastes and styles with influences pulled from just about every bottle behind the bar. While lacking the depth of a good glass of wine or the exquisite burn of an oak-soaked bourbon, quite a bit of creativity goes into the blending — and naming

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