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It took me 25 years to leave the U.S., and I didn’t go very far. A cruise ship. Mexico and the Caribbean. So to say I’m well-traveled is to fundamentally misunderstand the nature and meaning of words. And yet here we are in Oklahoma City, and I find myself spoiled for choice when it comes

No gyros allowed

Sorry, you delicious melange of beef and lamb, shaved thin and crisped on a spit. Some days, I want to expand my options. I’m obsessed with doing so at Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe & Market, 3131 W. Memorial Road. Nunu’s is the rare Mediterranean spot in Oklahoma City that does not serve a gyro. But if

Greasy spoon greatness

Yes, sometimes looks can be deceiving. And sometimes looks are there for a very important reason, as a warning. The key to discerning between the two is in reading the signs. Are the booths and chairs worn down but still clean? Do the waitresses seem harried, as if there is plenty of work to do?

American luxury

Packard’s didn’t quit. If you’re smart enough to seek them out, get ready for a plate full of win. While some restaurants focus on hyper-local fare, Packard’s philosophy is more about the handmade nature of the food. They use local if they can get it, said general manager John Ross, but the most important goal

Seoul food

Sizzling Chicken Bulgogi Photo: Mark Hancock Many of the metro’s oldest Korean restaurants are in Midwest City. Some are enterprises started by war brides and their families whose first glimpse of the USA was Tinker Air Force Base. Dong-A Korean Restaurant is away from those well-established bastions of kimchi. As with most area Korean restaurants,

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