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Karen Villareal delivers food at Basil Mediterranean Cafe.
Photo by Mark Hancock

Basil bunch is not about ‘fpooloticsd’

REVIEW Basil Mediterranean Cafe 211 NW 23rd St. 602-3030 What works: Lamb shanks and kabobs are tender and tasty. What needs work: The falafel isn’t nearly as good. Tip: Call-ahead ordering can shave off plenty of wait time. For the life of me, I don’t know the difference between Mediterranean food and Middle Eastern

Italian, Venezia-style

Limoncello cake Photo by Shannon Cornman Italian chain restaurants have become shorthand for describing those who don’t like “real” food or aren’t “shopping local.” Now here’s an unpopular position: They’re not that bad. Not really. I mean, if you’re craving the most authentic Italian food in Oklahoma City, you’re already facing a bit of an

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