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OKG7 let’s do lunch, downtown

Flint 15 N. Robinson Ave.  605-0657 Housed on the ground floor of the historic Colcord Hotel, this eatery offers views of the Myriad Botanical Gardens and patio seating. The whimsical menu includes images demonstrating ways to start a fire because, hey, the place is called Flint. For lunch, start with jalapeño hush puppies or

OKG7 inventive breakfasts

The Wedge Pizzeria 4709 N. Western Ave.  602-3477 For the last two years, The Wedge has offered a grab-and-go breakfast for $5. It’s faster than a drive-thru, and way better. One of the most popular items is the meat horn with pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella cheese, and it’s a favorite nontraditional breakfast. Can you

OKG7 pie dreams

Ingrid’s Kitchen 3701 N. Youngs Blvd.  946-8444 Ingrid’s just seems to get everything right in the baking category, and pies are no exception. With plenty of opportunities to enjoy pie over the next month or so, Ingrid’s has more than 20 kinds to choose from. Pumpkin is made with “the right amount of spice,”

OKG7 chilly dogs

Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs 1400 NW 23rd St.  702-5000 Mutt’s makes hot dogs an art form with its homemade buns and all-beef kosher franks. The best-sellers are The Boardwalk, with mustard, chili, cheddar-jack cheese and onions. In a close second is the S’noran Dog wrapped in bacon and slathered with chipotle ketchup, pico de

OKG7 vegetarian eats

Iguana Mexican Grill 9 NW Ninth St.  606-7172 Iguana has plenty of vegetarian options nestled within its menu, and they can make any dish vegetarian. Try the vegetarian nachos with red rice, white beans, vegetables, cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo. Vegetable tacos and fajitas are always a hit, or go with the popular

OKG7 plates of pasta

Avanti Bar & Grill13509 Highland Park Blvd.avantibarandgrill.com254-5200It’s an upscale stop just outside the chaos that is Quail Springs Mall. If carbs are on the menu for the evening, Avanti offers Milanese chicken with artichoke hearts and olives over linguine, marinara and herbed ricotta and Parmesan. A bit lighter is the lemoncello artichoke chicken, a penne

OKG7 places foodies love

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House2312 N. Macarthur Blvd.mamasinmi.com947-6262Enjoy the luxury of authentic West African fare here. Try its meat pies baked in a butter crust, spicy suya (meat on a stick), moi moi (bean cakes), efo (sautéed spinach with seasoned tomatoes) and golden-friend plantains. The lunch special includes a choice of rice and chicken or beef

OKG7 stops for soup

Soup Soup7606 N. Western Ave.soupsoup.webs.com843-7095The fall lineup is here. Try festive flavors including autumn bisque, squash, creamy carrot and baked potato. It’s not all soup, though. Pick up specialty casseroles like creamy tomato pasta with chicken, shepherd’s pie and beef enchiladas. Don’t forget dessert — apple cake, apricot bar and pumpkin pie. Saturn Grill6432 Avondale

OKG7 scholarly stops

Padthai119 W. Boyd St., Normanpadthainorman.com360-5551 Are you running around campus in Norman and only have time for a quick meal? This restaurant should be at the top of your list. It’s a casual Thai house that consistently serves up tasty food. Try the red curry chicken, spicy basil noodles and, of course, the authentic-style pad

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