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We’ll be popping corks very soon to celebrate the new year, and Champagne has always been the bubbly of choice for those celebrations. This year, for the first time, Oklahomans will be able to choose Grower Champagnes. The name, created by wine importer extraordinaire Terry Theise, refers to small production Champagne made by the same

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For sprawling, family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations, it really is hard to beat Opening Night downtown, but many of-age revelers opt out of the massive event and instead head to less congested commercial districts across the city offering a relaxed environment to ring in 2011. The gay district is a long-standing hotspot for festive drinking,

On trend

Eating out is no longer a treat. To many, it is a convenient way of life. With 2010 at an end, the metro saw a whole host of trends and fads roll through local eateries. Sometimes that trend has staying power, and sometimes it doesn’t. Many restaurants that monkey around too much with fads and

Drinking well

So you’ve made it through the inevitable holiday bloat and promised yourself that this year — this year — is the year that it happens. This is the year that you Get In Shape. This is the year you will sculpt a body that will make your 23-year-old self want to vomit with jealousy. You

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This last year saw Australian wine take a beating and South American wine rise to prominence all over the country. Led by popular brands like Luigi Bosca, Crios, Colome, Lamadrid and La Posta, South American wines carved out a niche in metro wine lists and saw an increased presence in shelf space in liquor stores

Valley forge

When Jay Miller of Wine Advocate magazine traveled to Washington state in 1990, he said he was able to visit all 42 wineries operating in the entire state in a very short time. That wasn’t an unimpressive number considering that the first winemakers in Washington, Gary Figgins and Rick Small, started making wine in their

North face

When Bruce Rinehart thought he’d found the perfect location for his second Rococo, he did what every devoted husband should do. “I went to my wife, and she said, ‘Go for it. I love the location and I’d love to have a location up north,’” he said. Rinehart spoke between phones ringing off the hook

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