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Bangkok Thailand - November 20 2015 : Many working people preparedness for fire drill or other disaster at office in Bangkok Thailand

City, state groups ready Prepare Fest to educate communities for disasters and threats

“They’re supposed to do an evacuation on a periodic basis,” he said. “In order to facilitate filling the place to somewhat of a capacity, 1,000 or so [people],” a safety festival seemed appropriate.

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Cover Teaser: Zapping Zika and how we combat local mosquito health threats

Cover Teaser: Zapping Zika and how we combat mosquito-borne health threats Locally, the Oklahoma City-County Health Department has trapped and tested nearly 10,000 mosquitoes. So far this summer, no Aedes aegypti mosquitos, which carry and transmit Zika, have been located in Oklahoma County. But they’ve been discovered here in recent years, and local and metro

Cute schoolchildren getting on school bus outside the elementary school

The Linked Church helps local schoolchildren with event

Giving Back: OKC Youth Matter features a basketball game, food, music and donations to help local children get read to go back to school.

IMG_0102 2015 Thanksgiving Grace Living Center community service project

The After School Spot gets local youths involved in the community

Students give back to their community and help their peers through The After School Spot.

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