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(Photo: Mark Hancock / Illustration: Christopher Street)

Cover Story: Mariachi festival helps keep the music playing at OKC schools

Through the help of community and school leaders, the Anita Martinez Mariachi Festival, Feb. 4-7, aspires to keep the music playing at OKCPS.

Bowlsey poses for a photo in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Bowlsey, Josh Sallee, Porch Mice to bring in ’16 on 16th in the Plaza District

Can’t get your tux ready before Dec. 31? Plaza District doesn’t think that’s a problem — arrive in flannel. With its ’16 on 16th celebration, the district is hoping to fill a past New Year’s Eve void for those who frequent the community. This year, organizers will strive to attract a crowd with live music

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