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Plaza Fest final 37.38

Cover Story Teaser: Plaza District hits its pinnacle with Saturday’s fest

In 2007, Amanda and Dylan Bradway were among the second wave of pioneers to own property in Plaza District. In those days, the neighborhood’s Plaza District Festival was “very grassroots” and she remembers the eclectic and sometimes seemingly incongruous artists and entertainers featured. Organizers expect around 30,000 guests at this year’s Plaza District Festival, which

(Cover: Erin DeMoss)

Cover Story Teaser: Go West(ern)! WestFest kicks off Saturday

When Brian Haas was approached about headlining WestFest with his band, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, he knew it was the ideal spot to roll out a two-month tour. “During the first conversation, they made me want to do it because they are fans and they care about the music,” Haas said of event organizers. WestFest

(Cover: Ashley Parks)

Cover Story Teaser: It’s high time Oklahoma reforms its marijuana laws.

“In a country founded by farmers on the notion of freedom, the notion of criminalizing a plant is an absurdity,” said Chad Moody, an Oklahoma City attorney who goes by the moniker The Drug Lawyer. As public opinion changes, Oklahoma laws restricting medical and recreational use should, too, experts and community leaders say. Story by

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