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Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads celebrates Cinco de Mayo

OKC’s unique ties to Puebla, Mexico, make its Cinco de Mayo celebration extra special.

Eric Oesch, deputy director of Red Earth, with Native American artwork by Commanche artist, Rance Hood called "Peyote Men", inside their facility located in the Santa Fe Plaza in Downtown OKC, 10-2-2015.  (Mark Hancock)

Red Earth Golf Tournament benefits a nonprofit’s efforts to promote culture

“A lot of people that get a team have done it for numerous years, but we always have room for new people as well,” he said.

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Cover Teaser: The pot issue

This week celebrates April 20 (420). In pot parlance, that means it’s time to smoke. As Oklahoma’s debate for or against the legalization of medical or recreational cannabis rages, Oklahoma Gazette collaborated with University of Oklahoma journalists and the school’s campus newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, to report on related issues. See our joint coverage in

(Photo by Garett Fisbeck)

Cover Story: Video gaming gets serious as it morphs into a network of professional, dedicated eSports devotees

“I will probably be one of the first girls who will try to compete against the guys if I can, if I’m on that same level,” she said.

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