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Can you hear me now?

Lopez, director of the Norman-based company, said that his love of TV helped inspire the idea for Audivero. “I’m very much a TV-oriented person,” Lopez said. “I thought it would be cool if there was some kind of app that allowed you to stream TV to your phone.” The app lets users hear what they

Marrow minded

Marshall Matlock By: Mark Hancock Marshall Matlock’s life was saved by a stranger. Four years later, he is now Facebook friends with her. But in late 2009, after two rounds of chemotherapy to treat his acute myelogenous leukemia, all Matlock knew was that his chance for survival depended on finding someone — anyone — whose

Summer swank

Route 66 By: Heather Brown OK, so it’s not really shameless. It’s for charity and funds go toward making our great city more beautiful. That fancy event is one of the main reasons I seriously needed to consider the evening-wear situation in my closet. It was dire. After the initial “How have I let it

News to clues

For nine weeks, 13 amateur sleuths from across the country will use techniques of crime-scene investigation to uncover evidence in a staged murder. They must solve a new crime each week to advance; if they don’t, they’re out. It all leads to a season finale in which the killer among them is unmasked and someone

Paint the town RED

Local organizers hope to heighten HIV/AIDS awareness with Thursday’s RED Rooftop Party, a downtown fundraiser featuring live music, cocktails, light hors d’oeuvres and surprise entertainment. Members of AIDS Walk of Oklahoma City Inc. initiated the new event to supplement their preparations for their annual downtown 5K race and donations to nonprofits that provide HIV/AIDS care,

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