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While it’s more fun to watch a movie with other people than by yourself, heavier cinematic fare doesn’t always work so well in a group where most of the viewers are more blockbuster-minded. What’s a serious film buff to do? This dilemma prompted Alex Palmer to create the OKC Film Club, which holds its second

Let it ride

Tracy Senat Credit: Mark Hancock In 2002, she lost her sight and forfeited her driving privileges. Since then, she’s been relying on mass transit and other social service agencies for transportation. But each of them has limitations, which means Webster and others in her situation can’t get up and go at a moment’s notice. “It’s

TEEM player

Kris Steele at a TEEM graduation Credit: Mark Hancock Since November, he has led The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM) as its executive director. Founded in 1987, the Oklahoma City-based nonprofit began as a support center for men battling substance abuse, but now focuses on providing free education and job placement services to men and

Love and marriage

Moliere Bridal Am I married? No. But ask me how many times I’ve been a bridesmaid. The answer is 13. I don’t mind, because I find weddings to be generally exciting celebrations of love. In my experience, a happy bride makes all the difference. If she can’t check things off the seemingly endless list of

Sensible sex ed

Kathy Harms Credit: Mark Hancock “My cousin was a myth believer,” one student shared. “She believed that if it’s the first time you have sex, you couldn’t get pregnant. Yeah, she’s pregnant now.” It’s clear to Harms that more and better sex education is the most effective way to counter misinformation. “We teach car safety,

Fashion Week is OK!

Since Alex Wehrley’s arrival in Oklahoma City, the host of KSBI Channel 52’s Oklahoma Live! has wasted no time getting involved with the community. That includes sitting on the board of Race Dance Company, taking an active role in Better Block OKC and now serving as emcee of Saturday night’s Oklahoma Fashion Week event. A

Go deep

TLC Florist & Greenhouses By: Mark Hancock Watering less often, with more, adds up to greater gardening success and helps preserve plants ranging from trees and shrubs to perennial beds and succulents. “People [want] to water 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there too often, and that won’t work,” said Cindy Townsend, assistant nursery manager

On the radio

Chip Fudge By: Shannon Cornman “Today, the majority of our listeners and donors live in Oklahoma City,” said Kelly Burley, director of the Stillwater-based KOSU. “There’s a definite need for a permanent presence here.” He said setting up the secondary shop helps the radio network achieve its mission. “Creating community through content and content through

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