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News to clues

For nine weeks, 13 amateur sleuths from across the country will use techniques of crime-scene investigation to uncover evidence in a staged murder. They must solve a new crime each week to advance; if they don’t, they’re out. It all leads to a season finale in which the killer among them is unmasked and someone

Paint the town RED

Local organizers hope to heighten HIV/AIDS awareness with Thursday’s RED Rooftop Party, a downtown fundraiser featuring live music, cocktails, light hors d’oeuvres and surprise entertainment. Members of AIDS Walk of Oklahoma City Inc. initiated the new event to supplement their preparations for their annual downtown 5K race and donations to nonprofits that provide HIV/AIDS care,

Dear Dad

It’s that special day set aside to honor the exemplary men in your life. Father’s Day is always a sneaky holiday to me. It’s not that far after Mother’s Day, but it’s far enough that it feels like the Fourth of July will be the next thing on your radar. But, hey, now that you’ve

dead again

Computer ChessJust in case there was any doubt that fashions and haircuts of the early 1980s were mighty ugly, the time capsule Computer Chess is a solid reminder. Writer-director Andrew Bujalski, in his use of antiquated cameras and technology that could make a TRS-80 look cutting-edge, evokes the period in gloriously fuzzy black and white.

‘Mohicans’ by the numbers

0 Hollywood studio productions star Daniel Day-Lewis had appeared in previously 1 Academy Award win: Best Sound $10,976,661: its opening weekend box-office gross 4 words of dialogue that landed on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the best romantic movie lines of all time: “I will find you!” 3 actors who played a totally different Hawkeye: Alan

Ice, ice baby

Ideas on Ice By: Shannon Cornman Such frozen works once might have been something that only the most well-to-do could afford, but Ideas in Ice Inc., the only business of its kind in the metro, makes ice sculptures something anyone can use to impress guests. Ken Burkemper started Ideas in Ice more than 25 years

Shady business

Sure, sunglasses look cool. But it’s imperative to have a good pair that blocks out UVB rays and guards your eyes against the harsh shift from indoor to outdoor lighting. Who likes to squint? I don’t. Plus, it can give you wrinkles around your eyes. So just wear sunglasses. Most optometrists carry shades. That’s the

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