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Boo!-mer Sooner

By: Brad Gregg The idea of spooky spirits and pesky phantasms floating about isn’t something you might typically associate with the rebirth and renewal of spring. But with April Fools’ Day also coming up, the University of Oklahoma evidently thought it would be a great time to resurrect its popular ghost tour — only this

Welcome, spring!

It’s time to celebrate in spite of your sneezing and over-the-counter allergy-medicated state. Spring means transformation and regeneration. It means wardrobe upheavals, the cleaning of home spaces, the rearranging of closets and the purchasing of new running shoes and workout gear appropriate for the burgeoning temps. Whether you’ve been hitting the pavement or the treadmill

Capitol care

Lou Carmichael By: Mark Hancock Variety Care, a nonprofit community health care center, has received a $335,000 grant to construct a freestanding building at Capitol Hill High School in south OKC. The nonprofit provides affordable, accessible health care in medically underserved areas. At Capitol Hill, where teen pregnancy and dropout rates are high, a center

Supply and diversity

Monty Milburn By: Mark Hancock But that’s how Scott Hamilton describes it. “As grotesque as that was, [it] truly served a positive purpose for Oklahoma City’s LGBT community,” said Hamilton, executive director of Cimarron Alliance. “It was at that point that people started asking, ‘Where am I spending my money?’” It’s a question that, after

Polly wanna parrot?

Owner Jack Malysa By: Shannon Cornman Aside from their terrifying, beady demon eyes, they have sharp objects attached to their bodies for the sole purpose of impalement. It is obvious that, in another life, I lived through a fowl-tastrophe of epic proportions. My curiosity recently beat disdain, however, when I spotted a sign that read,

Big help

Volunteers will celebrate Community Service Day and extend their services to any metro resident. “The main mission is to say ‘thank you’ to the community,” said Rachel Winters, program coordinator. “We looked into that mission and decided to shift it to the citizens as well as the local establishments.” While volunteer positions are open only

Air supplies

With tornado season drawing near, an educational summit that begins Sunday is aimed at enhancing awareness and preparation for the impending severe weather. The National Tornado Summit brings together nationally recognized weather experts and insurance professionals to share their expertise. Lectures will address tornado safety practices and communicating more efficient recovery methods within the industry.

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