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Polly wanna parrot?

Owner Jack Malysa By: Shannon Cornman Aside from their terrifying, beady demon eyes, they have sharp objects attached to their bodies for the sole purpose of impalement. It is obvious that, in another life, I lived through a fowl-tastrophe of epic proportions. My curiosity recently beat disdain, however, when I spotted a sign that read,

Swine breeds success

In 1986, Edmond Memorial High School’s principal kissed a pig after the students raised an unprecedented amount of money for a good cause. Since that infamous smooch, the school’s students have raised more than $3.5 million for various charities, during the annual, appropriately named Swine Week.  “They are truly passionate about Swine Week, and it’s


Credit: Shannon Cornman Like Prohibition, which the state did not repeal until 1959, the issue long had been framed as one of moral responsibility. In America, tattoos were associated with the criminal fringe, even as soldiers returned home from wars with tattoos acquired while overseas. Oklahoma and other states responded by banning the practice, fearing

And we all bike on

Schlegel Bicycles is gearing up for Ladies’ Night, an event for any woman with even a casual interest in cycling. Leslie Schlegel, CFO and general manager of Schlegel, said that the event is a fun social get-together meant to make women feel welcome in a sport that’s normally male-dominated. Schlegel said that they try to

Marriage ‘Pains’

According to the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, 32 percent of marriages in the state have ended in divorce — one of the highest divorce rates nationwide. As many Sooner couples find themselves saying “I don’t” more often than “I do,” one unlikely man has taken it upon himself to save these remaining marriages: former teen heartthrob-turned-evangelist

Boldly going …

A dedicated band of die-hard Star Trek fans has crafted an exact replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (from the original TV series, in case you were wondering) for a work-in-progress web series inspired by the sci-fi classic. The impressive circular set is resplendent with its blinking read-outs; its dazzling array of switches,

candy feat img

Loving Candy

Photo: Playboy Although born in Kansas in 1956, she moved to Oklahoma at age 3. After graduating from Ponca City High School, she pursued a journalism degree at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. And it was there, at the urging of her then-husband, that Candy Loving became a sex symbol. From class to centerfold

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