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New roosts

If you’ve been caught on N. Western Avenue during rush hour recently, you’ve likely had plenty of time in bumper-to-bumper traffic to survey your surroundings. Next time, take note of a new shop called Take-out Treasures (4335 N. Western; 408-6386). From the window, one might surmise it’s a regular gift shop, with its display donning

New shift

“I really like the Oklahoma film and comedy scene,” Nghiem said. “I wanted to do a project that wasn’t too heavy and involved a lot of local people.” Clerks Too, which debuted today on YouTube, was in part inspired by an unauthorized remake of Star Wars that he and his friends saw online. “I was

Marathon, man!

Comedy! Missed the first-season set of Episodes? Skip it. Instead, grab the new two-disc set collecting the first two years. Although very much a Hollywood in-joke, the Showtime series tells that in-joke with excellence, anchored by Friends vet Matt LeBlanc starring as an A-holier version of himself, reduced to starring on a hockey sitcom overseen

Getting physical

The Sooner State Games is Oklahoma’s version of the Olympics, with both winter and summer competitions, for which amateur athletes train year-round. A new competition this year, the CrossFit “Fittest in Oklahoma,” will be held as part of Saturday and Sunday’s winter games. Event coordinator Aaron O’Neil said individuals and teams will compete in a

Merv verve

Merv Johnson When it comes to broadcasting, Oklahoma Sooners play-by-play announcer Toby Rowland said this about Merv Johnson: “I’m glad he doesn’t follow the rules. Some of our best calls are when Merv is hollering things out while I’m talking. I love it. I think it’s awesome.” Not your typical guy with headphones and a

Bearing arms

Credit: Shannon Cornman But that wasn’t all. Miles Hall, owner of H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City, said public demand for firearms, ammunition and gun safes came quickly following the news. The rush to buy guns was partly provoked by comments from President Barack Obama, who hinted at renewed guncontrol policies at a Dec.

Pedal up

Credit: Shannon Cornman Last month, Edmond City Council approved a master plan to create more than 140 miles of bike lanes in and around Edmond. City planners said the need for safer bike lanes stemmed from public interest in both the fitness aspects of bike riding and, with gas prices, the need for alternative modes

It figures

Sunday may bring the metro’s most memorable ice storm yet. That’s when the Oklahoma City Figure Skating Club presents The Ice Storm, a winter performance celebrating the growth of arts and culture in the city. The story follows the Spuds family as it searches for creative ways to weather one of the state’s severe ice

Unconventional concerns

Mike Carrier Credit: Mark Hancock The Cox Center is being subsidized fairly heavily compared to counterparts in similar markets, losing an average of $3.4 million yearly between 2006 and 2008. But a new convention center would still require subsidization by the city. Convention Sports and Leisure International (CS&L), the company whose study recommended Oklahoma City

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