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OKC ranked 79th in a national list of the best sports cities

jor-league sports ” the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars. For many years, Oklahoma City strived to develop its sports potential, a move started by the MAPS sales tax in 1993 that is responsible for the dramatic changes in Bricktown today. But it was a gamble, said Norick, known as the “Father of MAPS.” Building the

Football fodder can help ease those back-to-school blues

Summer is over. OK, not officially, at least according to the traditional seasonal calendar. But for all intents and purposes, the part of summer we all know and love has packed its bags and caught the last shrimp boat for the Southern Hemisphere. Of course, no one is more affected ” or more traumatized ”

University of Central Oklahoma enters third hockey season

Collegiate ice hockey may not be as popular in Oklahoma as football or basketball, but the University of Central Oklahoma’s club team is finding its own rabid followings among sports lovers, partially thanks to an increasingly bitter rivalry with the University of Oklahoma. With a Sept. 26 third-season opener against St. Louis University, the UCO

Former Sooner trades in pro golf dream for teaching

Over the course of two years, Kelsey Cline drove more than 100,000 miles, crisscrossing the country in hopes of someday earning a spot on the PGA Tour. During that stretch, he practically lived out of a suitcase in a seemingly endless series of hotel rooms, with all of his spare time spent practicing and preparing

Lazy E Arena hosts ‘Bullnanza’ after hiatus

Bull riding is an explosion of vicious physicality. From the moment the gate swings open, a 1,500-pound bull comprised almost entirely of muscle and fury is unleashed, trying to buck off a determined cowboy only a fraction of its weight. With the scent of sweat and animal feces pervading over the timeless struggle of man

Casual flip flops may turn into a casualty

If summertime means foot and ankle pain for those beach-minded, children-of-the-sun types, it’s likely that those $5 flip-flops are the culprit. The minimalist sandal is the warm-weather footwear of choice for millions across the U.S., but its weakness resides in its simplicity ” the open-toed design and lack of proper ankle and arch support means

Chesapeake Boathouse offers kayaking classes

A humble but useful hunter’s tool in ancient Arctic and Asian civilizations, the kayak has evolved into a source of recreation and sport. Today, kayakers head out to lake, river and sea in search of competition, relaxation or just good old adventure. Although Oklahoma isn’t known for white-water rapids and gushing springs (aside from the

Oklahoma City’s NBA team needs a worthy theme song

The opening game for Oklahoma City’s NBA team is just months away. Pesky public funding has been attained, arena renovations are under way, a temporary practice facility has been acquired and an opening hometown salvo against the Milwaukee Bucks is slated for Oct. 29. By most sports media accounts ” including unnamed “sources,” anonymous confirmations,

Searching for a reason to watch the Olympics

I’ve tried, really, I have. But I just can’t get into the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. I realize we are only a few days in, and I usually love that kind of stuff, especially the track and field competition and a few other events, like swimming and even gymnastics. Truth is, I’ll probably end

Wichita’s Museum of World Treasures features fun, facts

If a weekend routine of summer blockbusters has drained your brain, consider feeding your noodle with a visual feast at the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, Kan., just two hours north off Interstate 135, at 835 E. First. The Discovery Channel has nothing on this place. Really, the big to-do list before you die

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