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Renowned yogi to teach at This Land Yoga

It says something about Oklahoma City that famed yoga instructor Patrick Beach will soon teach at Betina Wills’ studio. “It’s exciting that we, the (local) yoga community, have grown enough to be able to do that and not worry about if we can pay for him to be here or if anyone will show up,”


New facility offers laid back experience with same thrill of paintball sport

During the late 2000s, paintball was a fairly popular pastime. Nearly 5.5 million people nationwide played at least once in 2007, according to a report from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, making paintball one of the most popular extreme sports in America. By 2013, participation had fallen to 3.5 million and domestic sales of paintball

Cover Story Teaser: The Boz turns 50

The name Brian Bosworth evokes images of a swaggering, young Sooner jock without a care in the world. For some, it might be hard to believe, but The Boz — just like the rest of humanity — has to age. In fact, he turned 50 on March 9. Story by Ray Cavanaugh and Kory B.

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