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A fanny pack fashion show during Live on the Plaza, 7-11-14.  mh

News Briefs: Plaza finds interim director, quotable, by the numbers and more

Interim director Following Kristen Vails’ departure this month, the Plaza District Association named Dustin Akers as its interim executive director. Akers has experience in urban planning, real estate and community development. He also serves on the advisory board for the Urban Land Institute Oklahoma District Council and is chairman of its Young Leaders Group. “Right


Commentary: Eliminating racism in Oklahoma

  Two recent out-of-state visitors remarked to me that Oklahoma is a friendly state. They were incredulous that they heard no horns blaring in downtown traffic and motorists respected their turn signals and allowed them to easily change lanes. Oklahomans do pride themselves on hospitality, but the news about the University of Oklahoma fraternity’s racist

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