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OKC mayor not signing off on greenery

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett says he won’t sign a national pledge to curtail greenhouse gas emissions because he doesn’t believe the science regarding global warming is solid, according to The Oklahoman.   Tulsa became the 500th city to make the list last week after Mayor Kathy Taylor signed her John Hancock, joining Norman, which

OKC elementary student wins prize for pizza story

An 8-year-old ClevelandElementary School student won the top prize among third-graders in a short-story contest sponsored by PBS.   According to a press release, for the “Reading Rainbow Young Writers Contest,” Hannah Carlson entered her tale about “a pizza family living at CiCi’s Pizza. “¦ Her story features five family members representing different slices of

Alligator snapping turtles released into Oklahoma waters

Move over Ninja Turtles. When it comes to mutant-esque reptiles, Oklahoma has you beat.   The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently released 277 alligator snapping turtles, which had nearly disappeared from the state, into Oklahoma’s southeastern waters, The Associated Press reported.   Which means CFN intern Bucky is going to give said area a

Police capture alleged OKC Downtown YMCA burglar

A woman recently nabbed on “America’s Most Wanted,” allegedly implicated in local burglaries, was revealed in a personals ad to have love on her mind while spending time in the hoosegow, according to the “AMW” Web site.   Police arrested the woman, identified as Lizzette Garvin, 38, in Indianapolis last week, less than 24 hours

Oklahoma’s state capitol confusion creates collector’s item

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, but here at Chicken-Fried News we like to pitch irony. In the height of centennial celebrations, a Tulsa woman bought a postcard that suggests we’ve all been taught the wrong version of Oklahoma history.   Forget Oklahoma City ” or even Guthrie “Yvonna Coulter discovered her

Oklahoma vies for viruses

Quick! What’s the one thing missing that Oklahoma needs? You said “major pro sports team,” didn’t you? Well, the state is thinking more along the lines of “deadly disease research lab.”   Oklahoma is one of a dozen of these United States vying to play host for a lab brimming with lethal viruses, from anthrax

Former child TV star wants to play Oklahoma oil magnate Marland

Forget the starving children in Africa, folks. Rick Schroeder needs your money.   The former child star turned “NYPD Blue” vet wants to direct and star in a motion picture based on the life of Oklahoma oil man E.W. Marland, whose scandalous marriage to his adopted daughter Lydie served as a cover story in the

Cash out: Oklahoma conspiracy theorist writer passes away

Few conspiracy theorists these days ever got the notoriety or relevance of Oklahoma bombing writer J.D. Cash from McCurtainCounty. Cash, 55, died last week from liver disease and pneumonia in a Tulsa hospital, ending a pretty dang interesting second career.   Cash’s first career, that of a mortgage banker, ended when he took to a

University of Oklahoma journalism student, dean air opinions

You know what they say about opinions. That old adage especially rings true with the University of Oklahoma’s student newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, where viewpoints have been flowing faster than vetoes from the governor’s office.   It all started when The Daily’s editorial board, under the guidance of Editor William W. “Tres” Savage III (a

Purcell liquor-store owner turns tables on would-be robber

Who says this still isn’t the wild, wild West? When a man allegedly attempted to rob a Purcell liquor store recently, what did the owner do?   He threw back the F-bomb “¦ and then some.   Butch’s Cork & Bottle owner Butch Kluth was minding his business on a late afternoon in the small

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