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Text-messaging Oklahoma City police officer under investigation

Oklahoma City police recently investigated one of their own for text-messaging a female fellow officer about more than her beat.   The officer ” identified only as a sergeant with 14 years on the force ” text-messaged a female employee who “received a photo message on her cell phone from the suspect at approximately 10:15

Resurrected comic series will take place in Oklahoma

Perhaps attracted by our state’s cheap real estate, Thor is relocating to Oklahoma, where he will battle evildoers.   That’s right. Marvel Comics recently announced the resurrection of the comic series started in 1962 by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, and will locate the hero in Oklahoma, according to a release from the company.   Disguised

Oklahoma’s U.S. Senator worries about cost of mascots

In an effort to stop wasteful spending ” after all, the government needs $135 billion for the war in Iraq ” Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is going to go for the real big spenders: government mascots, according to The Associated Press.   According to the AP, Coburn thinks that the federal government is spending way

Love means never having to say you make license plates

A Midwest City woman details life as the wife of a convicted murderer in the August 2007 issue of Redbook magazine. Justeen Cosar met her hubby, Aaron, while accompanying a friend whose spouse was in the clink.   “I told Aaron that I worked as a court reporter and was a single mother of three

NCAA decision means dream season for Oklahoma football team

The New York Daily News called it “a black eye.” The Los Angles Times proclaimed it “one of the most punishing losses.” And USA Today remarked it “added to Oklahoma’s pain.”   Those widely read publications were not talking about the Dust Bowl or even Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart’s latest online photos. The subject

Lawton battles prairie dog population problem

Do not, repeat, do not feed the prairie dogs.   The little dickens have long been a part of the landscape of Lawton’s Elmer Thomas Park near downtown, doing what prairie dogs do ” standing watch, scurrying around, eating handouts and making more prairie dogs. According to a recent Oklahoman article, the Lawton City Council

Award-winning Tulsa newspaper cartoonist dies in automobile accident

Oklahoma and the world of cartooning have lost a talented and witty colleague. The Tulsa World’s Doug Marlette, author of the comic strip “Kudzu” and a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, died July 10 from an automobile crash in Mississippi. Marlette joined the Tulsa World last year and quickly enamored himself with the world of Oklahoma

Oklahoma veteran recalls his World War I service

At 106, Frank Buckles is the youngest of three known survivors left of the 4.7 million who enlisted in the Great War ” World War I ” to make the world “safe for democracy,” according to The Associated Press.   And he might not have made it in if it weren’t for a not-too-choosy recruiter

NY writer enjoys Oklahoma City’s Vietnamese cuisine

New York Times travel section contributor Matt Gross’ description of country café veggies (“iceberg salads with toupees of flavorless yellow cheese” ” oh, yum!) might be what the rest of the world considers typical Okie options of the vegetable variety, but Gross dug deeper: In his July 4 “Frugal Traveler” NYT column, he road tripped

Minnesota couple takes legal action against Tulsa DirecTV call center

Either the DirecTV call center in Tulsa needs better telephone lines, or the intensive customer service training at the center is getting too intense.   According to a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a husband and wife in Savage, Minn., are suing after an incident last fall when having satellite television installed in their

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