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Oklahoma meteorologist makes ‘The Daily Show’

With his “Twister” notoriety long behind him, KWTV Channel 9 meteorologist Gary England was thrust back into the national spotlight thanks to a ribbing from Jon Stewart on a June 14 “The Daily Show” segment. (YouTube video)   Stewart made fun of England’s currently airing tornado promo, which depicts a frightened family running for shelter

Legendary OKC radio station changes format

Gremlins have taken over legendary Oklahoma City radio station WKY-AM 930, but the moments leading up to the takeover this week were just as interesting for radio listeners.   WKY has been many things over its long history. It played rock, pop and country while under the ownership of the Oklahoma Publishing Co. When it

Charged Oklahoma county commissioner’s face hits the Web

Can’t Brent Rinehart ever get a break?   The OklahomaCounty commissioner, who faces felony charges of money laundering and perjury stemming from his 2004 campaign, last week faced another accuser: the Internet.   The Oklahoman reported that several “party pictures” surfaced of Rinehart on a slide show Web site. In one picture, Rinehart is shown

Towel-clad man walks Oklahoma interstate

Dude’s walking down the street, wearing only a towel, and along comes a police officer “¦   Well, that’s what happened around noon on a Friday in Edmond recently, when police were notified that a man was walking along the southbound ramp of Interstate 35 and Second Street, wearing only a towel.   According to

Oklahoma town hosts paranormal gathering

Tahlequah recently hosted paranormal investigators from all over the country who met to discuss the trade and its scientific and spiritual methodology, the Tahlequah Daily Press reported.   The Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations sponsored the 2007 “Para-Float” last Friday and Saturday, presumably to discuss research techniques. CFN could not confirm any double-fisting of Coors

OKC’s video vigilante launches blog

So what does the Video Vigilante do in whatever spare time is not taken up by playing “Candid Camera” with metro-area whores? He reviews eateries, shares gift tips and plays Skip-Bo! Hey, you gotta do something while awaiting trial, right?   Brian Bates ” aka the Video Vigilante, who regularly captures footage of sex-for-cash transactions

Mrs. Robinson returns to Oklahoma’s journalism program

  It’s official. Budding young whippersnappers at the University of Oklahoma’s student-run newspaper will have a new guru to guide them in their first interactions with the fourth estate.   Judy Gibbs Robinson was named The Oklahoma Daily’s adviser June 6, replacing the retiring Jack Willis.   A 30-year journalism veteran, Robinson handled minority affairs

Medicine to cure Oklahoma creeks?

The environmental movement certainly is changing the political and cultural landscape of America as more governments and citizens are becoming greener in thoughts and actions. But who knew so many people were concerned about the depressed state of our creeks and streams?   The Stillwater News Press recently reported that, according to Doug Gable, environmental

Tulsa television station’s typo results in energy trading excitement

News providers would call it a bad knock-on-wood moment, but metro residents sick of grimacing at the gas pump might’ve savored a fleeting taste of irony, recently, when a Tulsa TV station’s reportedly erroneous Web story caused oil prices to jump briefly worldwide.   According to a Reuters report, “Web site error rocks global oil

Oklahoma sanitation service owner faces felony dumping charges

That’s southeastern Oklahoma for ya ” they’re rough, tough and they don’t take any “¦ well, wait. One does.   A PushmatahaCounty man faces a felony charge because of a complaint he was taking raw sewage and grease and dumping them on his own land without a permit.   According to a recent story, Clyde

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