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What can be bought with Oklahoma football coach’s salary

What can you do with 3.5 million Washingtons?   Bucky took a Web whirl: Pay for Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan “¦ through 2009. Buy the property of Tulsa’s iconic (but demolition-slated) Camelot Hotel (complete with moat and drawbridge). Cover the operating expenses of schools shorted in the recent legislative budget, according to Treasurer Scott Meacham

Speaking of OKC juries

Having trudged through jury duty twice in the past three years, Chicken-Fried News feels for the impaneled men and women deciding the guilt or innocence of Antwyon Deangelo Turner in the murder of Leroy Joseph Vigil.   According to a report in The Oklahoman, one of the 12 jurors was dismissed on April 12 because

Oklahoma governor, Democrats work on their relationship

Like in a broken marriage, where the partners need their best friend to run messages back and forth, Gov. Brad Henry and the Senate Democrats appear ready to fight over who gets the car and who gets the dog.   The past few weeks have seen the two sides squabbling over everything from money to

Jury acquits OKC attorney on sex charges

Ya know, it’s an interesting life that longtime Oklahoma City attorney Mike Gassaway leads. He shakes his fist at the powers that be; he’s done time in the joint (albeit for just a couple of months, but hey); and, once again, he dodges the bullet.   According to The Associated Press, Gassaway allegedly said he

Former Oklahoma lineman may live to regret remarks

The only thing funnier than watching Robin Williams on coke is listening to young college students explaining why they strayed from the path of righteousness. Former University of Oklahoma football players Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn are back in news these days as they discuss the actions leading to their dismissal from the team last

Former Oklahoma Democratic governor takes on state Republicans

Although former Gov. David Walters said his daughters are fond of saying “Don’t you know who he thinks he used to be?” the audience’s standing ovation at the March 31 Oklahoma County Democratic Party Convention signaled it knew who he “used to be” and who he is today. Walters said the failings of the Republican

Tulsa apartment complex hosts croc

After Memorial Creek Apartments residents in Tulsa reported spotting an alligator, the nearby pond was drained April 4 in hopes of finding ” and, one would assume, capturing ” the reptile, according to a report in The Oklahoman. Steve Harris of the Tulsa animal shelter was quoted as speculating, “If there is an alligator in

Oklahoma space pioneer’s ashes to take flight

One of Oklahoma’s space pioneers has a chance to return to space ” even after he has passed from this life. Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. didn’t have to wait for Oklahoma to build its own rocket. Instead, he became one of America’s first seven astronauts back in the dawn of time (called the Sixties). You

Water is too wet

Stating the obvious is sometimes too obvious, depending on the context. Take Gov. Brad Henry and the battle over the state budget that erupted inside the Capitol during the past week. Henry’s folksy talk and less-than-poetic speechmaking ability are attaining legendary status. The gov’s annoyance recently was inflamed when legislative leaders finalized a budget while

They got the hook up

 This just in: College students like to do it! It’s true, according to a report by The Oklahoma Daily, the student newspaper of the University of Oklahoma. A March 28 article quoted OU students as saying: “It’s true, at parties you see people hooking up all the time” and “So many hook-ups happen between college

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