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Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn graces pages of GQ

There are many magazines of which one would expect Oklahoma’s irreverent Sen. Tom Coburn could fill the pages. The NewRepublic, Time, Newsweek or something local like Oklahoma Today would seem logical.   But check out the February issue of GQ. While the British cover boasts a salacious shot of pop diva Beyonce and the U.S.

Oklahoma endures ‘Icepocalypse’ 2007

In Oklahoma, we used to gripe that we didn’t get distinct-enough seasons. Well, forget that crap. Distinct enough for ya, now?   In the waning hours as the Jan. 12 storm bore down on the state, local Wal-Marts, Targets, Albertsons and other food stores were mobbed for bread, milk, pet food and toilet paper until

OKC Casady grad’s talk show cancelled

Allow CFN a moment to pause and reflect about the glory that was Megan Mullally’s talk show. Ahh. OK ” we’re better. According to published reports, the one-time Oklahoma City high school student’s chat-fest bit the dust last week, hitting the skids less than five months after it first aired.   “I am extremely proud

Oklahoma woman’s house explodes after sewer, gas line mishap

Forgive that headline, dear CFN reader, but what are we gonna say about this one?   According to recent stories in The Oklahoman, the home of an 88-year-old Madill woman exploded after city workers drilled through a gas line that happened to have been laid in her sewer pipe more than 10 years ago. Now

Oklahoma sheriff-turned-spa-owner faces sex charges

Turns out it’s not the long arm of the law we have to worry about, but “¦ um “¦ other appendages. A former sheriff turned spa owner in Durant has been charged with sexual battery, according to a report in The Oklahoman. The story says Jon Livingston, one-time sheriff of BryanCounty, has been accused by

Touting themselves as celebrities, duo visiting OKC issues press release

Not being Us Weekly, CFN normally eschews press releases from the famous. But really, “Celebrities Robbed at “¦ Oklahoma City Hotel” was too good to resist.   Because, according to the announcement, “celebrities” Ryan Blair and Kasie Head allegedly were robbed of cash and a diamond watch when they woke up in their OKC hotel

Oklahoma legislator tries to pass bill to make English official state language

Zut alors! Que pasa? Danke?   Better get your favorite non-English phrases out of your system now, particularly if you’re working in Oklahoma government or hoping to receive materials from said institution.   Recent stories reported state Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson, R-OklahomaCity, is filing a bill that would make English the official language of Oklahoma.  

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