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Ada woman allegedly fakes hate crime against herself

According to a spate of recent stories, an Ada woman faked a would-be hate crime against herself.   Police say Sarah Kaspereit of Ada admitted to them that she lied about an attack on her in which she had claimed two men ambushed her in front of her house, according to The Oklahoman.   The

Oklahoma State chapter smears egg on Greek system’s face

It’s been a tough 12 months for the public image of America’s fraternities. First, “Borat” captured a trio of drunken University of Southern Carolina brothers to make racist and sexist comments on camera. Then, the documentary “Raw Deal” hit DVD (reviewed in last week’s Oklahoma Gazette), showing in graphic detail the alleged rape of a

Oklahoma’s official cooking pot: The Dutch Oven

Republicans and Democrats have been fighting over a lot of things lately down at the state Capitol. Bills on abortion certainly have rallied passionate feelings on both sides of the political aisle. An immigration-reform measure had sharp words flowing and daggers drawn before it easily passed the House of Representatives. And, of course, the old

Oklahoma senator proudly wears his critics’ labels

Oklahoma’s own Sen. James Inhofe got a crowd cheering quickly at a recent Conservative Political Action Conference, a Washington Post columnist reported. Here at CFN we’re still scratching our heads about his method.   “I have been called ” my kids are all aware of this ” dumb, crazy man, science abuser, Holocaust denier, villain

Oklahoma Senate passes microchip menace bill

Apparently, space aliens have lousy lobbyists.   Against all opposition, the state Senate passed a bill banning the implanting of a microchip into an Oklahoman’s body without the consent of said Okie.   Senate Bill 47, by Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, would empower the state Health Department to levy a fine of $10,000 a day

Oklahoma couple explodes beer keg

Guess what? If you stick a keg with beer dregs in it into a fire with the lid clamped on, you getcherself a gol-dang explosion! No sheet, by golly.   At least, that’s what a couple of Adair folks discovered when they did just that, a recent story reported.   According to The Associated Press,

Oklahoma’s 3.2 beer law not enforceable by ABLE

The state’s own laws have given its anti-alcohol police a bitter beer face, according to a recent story.   According to the piece, an opinion by Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson states that officers with Oklahoma’s Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission ain’t able to arrest anyone selling 3.2 beer to minors (who become intoxicated) for

Oklahoma legislators argue about illegal alien bill

Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, said he was extremely happy with a vote that would withhold state health, welfare and educational services to those who could not prove their legal citizenship status.   “I’m ecstatic,” he told reporters as they walked past him in the halls of the Oklahoma House of Representatives following the vote, ignoring

Oklahoma Hall of Fame ignores Luper and Sequoyah

Only a few days remain to submit nominations for the 2007 Oklahoma Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Oklahoma Heritage Foundation.   Last year, Oklahoma Gazette pointed out some omissions from the hall of fame including Woody Guthrie. The Okemah native was inducted back in November.   There are still a few names yet to

Noted author has iPod-related auto mishap in Tulsa

New York Times best-selling novelist William Bernhardt found himself in a stranger-than-fiction scenario on his home turf of Tulsa recently. According to a Tulsa World report, the novelist of several legal thrillers was pulled over the morning of Feb. 23 by police after his vehicle hit the curb twice, and then twice more before finally

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