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Oklahoma City store sells tattooed \”I Love You\” fish

If you want to propose affection to your sweetie in Oklahoma City, just don’t say it with a fish. The slippery subject of fish tattooing hit the metro recently, when police officers visited wholesale supplier Quality Pets, 1501 S. Agnew, after someone complained a fish the place sold to a local shop had “I love

Fast-thinking Oklahoma City coach bites horse

If you could pick a guy who’d be most likely to bite a horse, then why not Oklahoma City Blazers hockey coach Doug Sauter?   First, he’s a hockey coach. Second, he’s got a great mustache (goo goo ga joob!).   But, beyond all this, he bit the horse in the service of humanity.  

Without GM Plant, Oklahoma City still a strike site

OK, time to play that old-time favorite “Sesame Street” game: Which thing doesn’t belong? Mega-giant automobile maker General Motors Corp. and the United Auto Workers union finally struck a deal, which ended two days of strikes by GM employees nationwide. During the negotiations, UAW members picketed in front of GM plants all over the country

Rural Oklahoma woman finds zebra in her yard

Nights in rural eastern Oklahoma have a lot of stars ” but it’s another thing to find stripes.   Sharon McConough knew something was odd at her rural Ranger Creek home near Fort Gibson Lake, something making her shepherd, Bizzy, bark like mad, according to a story in the Muskogee Phoenix.   Of course, the

Oklahoma City Web site names 100 top embarrassments

In the spirit of the centennial year, Chicken-Fried News’ second favorite Oklahoma Web site has come up with a unique idea to celebrate the state’s 100th birthday. The folks at decided a list of Oklahoma’s top 100 embarrassments was needed. We at CFN are glad we didn’t make the list.   At the top

Edmond dancer spoils ‘Indiana Jones’ plots for the Internet to see

Director Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones” film franchise has been stocked with great villains, like that creepy Belloq fellow with the burnt palm or that one guy who pulls the heart out of that other dude’s chest. Now add another name to that list.   Because of Tyler Nelson’s talents in the highly coveted realm of

Untucked shirts present security risk at Tulsa high school

Adults love to remind kids they have no rights, even while they are teaching them about all the rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. Administrators with Tulsa Public Schools seem to have taken the creed one step further by celebrating students’ constitutional void.   Dozens of students at Tulsa’s Rogers High School tried to exert

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