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Commentary: Eliminating racism in Oklahoma

Commentary: Eliminating racism in Oklahoma

  Two recent out-of-state visitors remarked to me that Oklahoma is a friendly state. They were incredulous that they heard no horns blaring in downtown traffic and motorists respected their turn signals and allowed them to easily change lanes. Oklahomans do pride themselves on hospitality, but the news about the University of Oklahoma fraternity’s racist

Letters to the Editor: March 25, 2015

‘Fat ass’ The reason I feel compelled to write about the SAE incident at OU is not about what was said by these young men or the actions taken by President Boren or the university. It’s about, for lack of a more artful phrase, ignorance. I’ve read several iterations of this argument, and I feel

Letters to the Editor: March 18, 2015

Flashy While attention was focused on the fraternity event at OU this week there was another occurrence that went uncovered. On the March 8 broadcast of KFOR’s Flashpoint, the guest was new OKCPS Superintendent Rob Neu. While discussing issues of our inner-city district, Flashpoint host and former Mayor Kirk Humphreys made what I believe is

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