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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 6, 2017

‘Unchecked demagoguery’ The White House held an event to honor the service of the Navajo code talkers of World War II. Our very own Representative Tom Cole attended. Lost in the noise of Mr. Trump’s antics were some remarks given at the ceremony by Peter MacDonald, president of the Navajo Code Talkers Association: “America, we

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 22, 2017

GOP strangled Obamacare “If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal, and then replace at a later date!” said President Donald Trump. Conservatives quickly pounced on the idea — including Senators Rand Paul and Ben Sasse, as well as the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity. Former

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 15, 2017

How many? After the December 14, 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy in which 20 precious children and six brave teachers were murdered by a 20-year-old carrying a high-powered rifle and two handguns, I wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper. I wrote that the time was right for common-sense measures such as reinstating

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Letters to the Editor: September 27, 2017

Think again Don Porter, in his “Supporting Article V” (Opinion, Letters to the Editor, July 26, Oklahoma Gazette) letter, says he is for term limits for Supreme Court judges because there are liberals among them. He has no conception of a governmental memory, just like our state Legislature. It wants to control the courts rather


Letters to the Editor: August 30, 2017

Liberty over party Not very many people have seen the controversy in the small town of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and even fewer in Oklahoma probably care about it at this point. However, that is a mistake. The fight that the Adorers of the Blood of Christ have taken up is the same fight that many Oklahoma

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