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Is our children learning’ the right things?

Through last week’s headlines, you can mourn the loss of a great newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, which will go the way of FOX News, with Bill O’Reilly doing guest editorials. Or, you can argue over whether Michael Moore’s “Sicko” is over the top (of course), instead of whether its message is on target (yes,

Host of problems

I would like to respond to Richard Prawdzienski’s commentary in the July 11, 2007, issue of Oklahoma Gazette, in which he states that “social host laws destroy families and family values.”   Prawdzienski seems to believe that government is overstepping its authority by enforcing social host laws.   However, the reality is that there is

Critical county election nears

By all reliable accounts, former District 1 Oklahoma County Commissioner Jim Roth brought integrity and wisdom to county government.   Roth, who was appointed recently to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission by Gov. Brad Henry, defied stereotypes and political punditry. He was elected county commissioner in a state viewed as close-minded to diverse lifestyles. Oklahoma voters

Penn Square Bank’s unexpected legacy

A quarter-century ago, Penn Square Bank failed spectacularly in Oklahoma City, ushering in the untimely end of a previous oil boom, indelibly changing the landscape of banking throughout the state and hastening the emergence of national mega-banks.   And yet, after a generation of national consolidation in the banking industry, we enjoy one of the

Bridges to our wallets

U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens would love to be an Oklahoman right now. With the massive rainfall we have experienced over the last few weeks, our roads and bridges have suffered more abuse than Cindy Sheehan at a Sean Hannity so-called Freedom Rally.   And we all know Stevens has a penchant for funding bridges and

United we stand

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. ” I write from a small cabin perched on the shoulder of Pikes Peak where my family goes in July to pull the plug on the “wired life.” We have no television set (and don’t miss it), no Internet access (and only occasionally miss it), and no urgent business other than

Land of opportunity

I spent some time with a group of college students in a business internship discussing leadership and success. During the question-and-answer session, I got the “can we find a decent career in Oklahoma, or should we move to a bigger city or state?” question. My answer was simple: There are plenty of opportunities here and

Color war!

Issues of affirmative action and racial integration are again in the public eye. The recent Supreme Court decision in Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education and also a Seattle case are lauded as progress toward a race-neutral society and decried as overturning Brown v. the Board of Education. Closer to home, in Oklahoma, expect

Herd is the word

Edmond says it has an underage drinking problem, and so does Yukon and Enid. Soon we will be told we have a problem throughout the state and folks will be asking our legislators to write a statewide social host law ” a law that will punish anyone older than 21 who permits younger folks to

Real choice in education

In health care, we currently have choice for those who can afford it and government subsidies for those who cannot to help them go to public or private hospitals. What we lack is a sufficient level of universality ” the working class gets left out. Meanwhile, in education, we have universality for public schools, but

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