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New life for old cat

This is the story of a 70-pound greyhound that has brought back the joy of living to an ancient, timid cat.   I’ve always had cats. Fourteen years ago, five cats were on hand to greet Tigger, the first dog to enter my life. Irish and Annie came later, followed by Ashley, the male stray

Obama isn’t black enough?

Sometimes I think America has a death wish. As the national nightmare of the Bush administration enters its final months, an amazing candidate steps forward with a constellation of traits rarely seen in a politician. His race is mixed, his education is classical, his powers of expression are superb, and he understands the role that

MAPS 3: Revenge of the Myth’

It has all the makings of an epic science-fiction adventure film: City leaders are faced with the loss of tax revenue and scramble to find new and innovative ideas to convince the unsuspecting taxpayers that the only way to save the city is to continue a previously successful sales tax.   Behind the scenes, we

A letter to ‘Indian country’

One of the mysteries to people who study politics is how American Indians vote. American Indians enjoy a unique relationship with the United States, as nations both sovereign yet also subservient to the U.S. national authority. For decades, American Indian citizenship status was in limbo, and it was not until after World War I that

Power to the

Who would have thought after all these grim years of death and destruction fighting religious extremism in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans would be fighting the same war right here in Oklahoma?   There have been so many anti-abortion bills introduced in the state Legislature, along with a covenant marriage bill that at

Petals and prudence

You do not have look far these days to spot a political demonstration turned ugly. That is why it is so refreshing to find one focused on the very symbol of beauty. I refer to Rose Day, the day in which droves of Oklahoma citizens gather at the state Capitol to deliver roses to their


Nearly two decades ago, President George H.W. Bush made the promise “no new taxes,” which gave every other politician cover to make the same promise. Then Oklahoma City Mayor Ron Norick didn’t follow; instead, he led with an innovative and visionary plan to rehabilitate downtown. Norick showed guts and real leadership in convincing Edward L.

A right turn?

The nation may have veered left in the recent elections, but Oklahoma made a turn right when it voted into office an equal number of Republican and Democratic state senators. Republicans now have the majority in the House, along with a legitimate claim they should share an equal number of committee chairmanships in the Senate.

The greatest gift

The holidays are now over, for better or worse. The presents all have been unwrapped, for those of you who partake in such traditions. The incomprehensible madness of visiting extended family has been accomplished or avoided once again. The leftovers have been tossed in the garbage. Your team has won or lost. The kids are

He just doesn’t get it

President Bush is famous for telling other people that they just don’t get it. He lives in the bubble of entitlement and dismisses critics as unpatriotic, uninformed or just plain weird. Now the American people have turned the tables. As the State of the Union speech made painfully clear, it’s the president who just doesn’t

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