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Ruffling feathers

America has a love-hate relationship with media. We complain about the lack of substantive programming, the bias of news reporting and the media fascination with Lindsay Lohan’s revolving-door rehab adventures. We proclaim from the mountaintops our hatred for the insipid offerings of media, but at the same time, we plop down in front of the

Paying attention

It’s time Oklahomans pay attention to how money has polluted the state’s political systems.   What many Oklahomans, no matter their political affiliation, may well conclude after taking a close look at the current situation is this: Politicians often abuse the contemporary campaign-funding system, and only rich people and their organizations have influence and power

Democracy: Can you do it?

The current state legislative session has been a good civics lesson, reminding us that our democracy exists only if we participate in it.   Senate Bill 714, a bill that is bad for women, bad for physicians and nurses, bad for your health and bad for Oklahoma, almost became law last week.   The bill

Oklahoma’s education problem

The Art Buchwald quote too many cannot read or write, but they can multiply, sums up some of Oklahoma’s education situation. In spite of years of work and signs of progress to improve our public schools and higher education system, we are not where we need to be. Part of the problem is the system,

Auditing the auditor

There’s no time like the present to abolish the office of state auditor and inspector. It’s one of those obsolete state offices created 100 years ago that should have been eliminated when the offices of state mine inspector and the commissioner of charities and corrections were abolished.   The only authority the state constitution gives

In with the old

Oklahoma Republicans were disappointed when presidential candidate Mitt Romney canceled plans to be keynote speaker at the Republican Convention April 14, but the events of the convention itself more than compensated the delegates to the state GOP.   Gary Jones, who stepped down as party chairman a year ago to run unsuccessfully against the embattled

Double your pleasure, double your guns’

As the nation grieves the worst single act of gun violence in our history, there is one topic that the corporate media will not let us discuss rationally: gun control.   Less than 24 hours after the carnage, before a single funeral, as the bodies were being tagged in the morgue, FOX News already was

Point: Preserving our heritage industries

Last year, the United States borrowed approximately $320 billion to import oil ” nearly $1 billion per day. Significant portions of these funds are used by hostile nations to finance and perpetuate hatred of the West and its philosophies. Therefore, it is critical that American leaders, policy makers and private industry search for ways to

Counterpoint: The ethics of ethanol

Addiction, it is said, often blinds those so afflicted to the moral and ethical considerations of behaviors intent on satisfying their habits. In our present oil addiction, we so fervently have embraced corn ethanol as one solution to our petroleum dependency that we have neglected to question the ethical and moral propriety of using food

Pretending to live green

Sen. James Inhofe caught lots of flack recently for his objections to plans for holding Al Gore’s Live Earth concert on the west side of the U.S. Capitol. The concert, scheduled for July 7, is intended to gain support for the fight against global warming. “There has never been a partisan political event at the

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