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The politics of race

Sometimes the painful truth about the human condition comes in through the back door, or seeps into the national psyche like water into a basement. We can’t see where it comes from, but the results are obvious. We’d rather not believe it, but the sump pump has to run all night just to keep the

The new Oklahoma City

Things are good in Oklahoma City. Forbes ranks us the most recession-proof city in the country. Executive Traveler magazine has a story about what a great city we live in. The New York Times had a front-page story about the Oklahoma River. This is a new Oklahoma City. Certainly some of the success can be

Snakes on the Plains

While recently working at my computer, I heard a faint rustling sound, so I turned to see what the puppy was chewing. Lizbit was asleep at my feet. Moving my desk chair woke her, and she suddenly jumped up and lunged past me. From beneath a TV stand not far from my bare feet, I

Mixed signals

Doesn’t everything happening in the metro seem bifurcated these days? Bifurcated is a word that fits. It simply means divided into two camps. In terms of Oklahoma City, it means recent events here ” good or bad, depending on your point of view ” are sending mixed signals. There are wonderful developments in the metropolitan

Any questions?

Our Populist forebears in Oklahoma feared the concentration of power in one pair of hands. Therefore, they designed our state government with a system closer to the cabinet systems of other English-speaking democracies than our federal presidential system. Unfortunately, all too often this diffusion of power has led to a lack of accountability in our

Honoring our heroes

Whether it be the mayhem surrounding Oklahoma’s legislative session, ridiculously high transportation fuel prices or the dogfights over presidential candidates, we often forget that without our military men and women willing to lay down their lives, all is for naught. Recently, the Wild Oklahoma television crew was invited to head to northeastern Oklahoma to film

Taking the rhetorical ‘Fifth’

Everyone has been asking me what I think of Jeremiah Wright now. And to be honest, I’m disappointed. He had a chance to use his moment in the media spotlight to explain both the black church, about which white America is woefully ignorant, and the risky but important business of prophetic preaching in a church

Who speaks for them?

I heard a lot last month about the presidential candidates. I heard a lot about Rep. Sally Kern. I heard a lot about SuperSonics basketball. These news stories flooded the papers, TV news reports and radio airwaves “¦ not to mention YouTube. And I overheard once, tangentially, at a meeting on some work-related topic, that

Brad Henry blues

To: The media and whining Democratic delegates From: A cranky independent Re: “Superdelegates” Having watched with dispassionate disinterest the battle for the Democratic Party nomination, I want to tell one thing to all of the people who are upset about the lengthy primary calendar, the fact that superdelegates will pick the nominee, and the failure

Tripping out

With the recent rash of flight cancellations by airlines suddenly inspecting planes, an increasing number of frustrated travelers may have been finding themselves with too many hours to kill. First, of course, they probably must stand in a long, slow-moving line to find out whatever it is that they’re supposed to do to get booked

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