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Retiring Arts Council executive stresses economic value of arts education

Consider the experience of Suzanne Tate. The Oklahoma Arts Council’s retiring executive director has witnessed firsthand the impact of arts education in Oklahoma. “(The Arts Council) can’t put arts programs in every single school in the state, so that’s been the challenge,” she said. “There’s so much need, but we don’t have the resources.” Tate,

Youth Art Month stresses importance of art education

Schools from across the state are participating in events such as art shows and contests to emphasize the importance of art education, said Lisa Taulman, Oklahoma Art Educators Association chair and art teacher at Crooked Oak Public Schools. “Art education is important for many reasons,” she said. “Studies have shown that if a student participates

What’s going on at the state Board of Education?

The Board was created by Oklahoma’s Constitution and its powers are found in our state’s laws. I’ve attended some meetings that were dull and a few with heated debate.  But, this last meeting was a doozy and I’d like to tell you about it. By law, the Board is responsible for the hiring, firing, salaries, administration

Rep. Kern clarifies science education bill, denies it endorses religion

Kern told Oklahoma Gazette the release is to respond to concerns she has been hearing that her bill is “anti-evolution.” Both Kern and Sen. Josh Brecheen, R-Coalgate, filed bills before the deadline that address science education. Brecheen’s is SB 554. “Legislation filed by state Rep. Sally Kern would ensure school policies allow for a full

Powerhouse rockers Emit issue intelligent anthems as they hone their skills through higher education

 Emit with The RocketTops, Wunderjazz and Tree Farmer 7 p.m. Friday ACM@UCO Performance Lab 323 E. Sheridan $5 OK, yes, a mature understanding of the value of a college degree isn’t exactly in lockstep with the rock-‘n’-roll lifestyle, but like any career, knowledge is power. Members of Emit, Oklahoma City’s emerging powerhouse rock band,

Candidates for governor debate budget, education, business

The two candidates vying for governor got down to business on Tuesday in Oklahoma City at the 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Fall Forum organized by the State Chamber of Oklahoma. Both Lt. Governor Jari Askins, a Democrat, and Rep. Mary Fallin, a Republican, voiced their support of several state business incentive funds; the need to examine

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art’s Art Adventures class gives kids and parents free arts education each Tuesday

Art Adventures Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art 555 Elm in Norman Ages 3-5 10:30-11:30 a.m. Tuesday, ongoing 325-3272, Kids can take an adventure tailored specifically for them, all while learning about art and literature. Art Adventures, an interactive program for ages 3-5, gives children the opportunity to learn creative forms of expression at

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