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Aubrey Hamontree, Head of theCity of Oklahoma City Planning Department, sits on one of the new park bencheson the east side of City Hall, 1-28-16.  (Mark Hancock)

City considers establishing impact fees

City considers establishing impact fees

Oklahoma City Council’s recent impact fee proposal was met with criticism from homebuilders and contractors.

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City council passes anti-discrimination housing measures

New housing measures protect citizens against discrimination because of sexual orientation, disability, age and familial status.


Cover Teaser: Our panhandling paradox

As local nonprofits make strides to reduce or defeat homelessness, panhandlers continue to camp at some of the city’s busiest intersections. “They panhandle because it works,” said Dan Straughan, Homeless Alliance executive director. The aid of a couple of dollars too often goes into the hands of “professional” beggars, or people who travel coast-to-coast and

The State Capital Publishing Company Building sits at the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Second Street in Guthrie.  Photo by Laura Eastes

Guthrie group wants State Capitol Publishing Company building returned to community as its future is considered

“It is too important of a building to let it go,” Lentz said. “If it was in the wrong hands, it could be altered from the original purpose and the historical character lost.”

Existing "Tobacco Free Park" sign at a playground area of Will Rogers Park, off North Portland Avenue in Oklahoma City, 12-23-15.  (Mark Hancock)

Metro Briefs: city wastewater, museum money and smoking ban

Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust chooses new wastewater treatment management, the Chickasaw Nation makes a bid for The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum and Oklahoma City Council bans smoking on OKC property.

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